Top Ten Things the SA Governme

Top Ten Things the SA Government got right in 2013 (Part 2)

Well, it certainly took some searching: under the wreckage of the South African executive’s various setbacks, gaffes, scandals and furores, some good was done. Some government departments are broadly functional; a handful are thriving. We look at 10 isolated examples of the country and government we dream of

HIV/Aids antidote hopes recede

HIV/Aids antidote hopes recede as first ‘cured’ patients relapse

A major discovery in HIV is good news for South Africa, where about 1 in 10 are HIV-positive. Patients previously believed ‘cured’ of HIV have experienced a viral rebound, marking an important new question: if HIV can remain in the body while undetectable in the blood, where might the ‘deep reservoir’ that harbours the virus be?