student money

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Four winning ways a ‘broke beginner’ can make money online

Even students should be able to generate some kind of income because, COVID-19 or not, those financial goals won’t reach themselves.

student money

Image via Canva

So, whether you’re a broke student or just want to supplement your salary, here are four ways you can target to make money online.

If this COVID-19 era has taught us anything, it would be that we always need more money. The lockdown period found many households feeling the financial strain. People who would have been working, and earning a living, were forced to stay home. Many only earned their wages for the work they produced.

This has also put a strain on university students, who have part-time jobs that aren’t considered “essential”, such as barmen and promoters.

Many have been forced to look at other avenues for generating an income but you may not need to cancel your financial goals for the year just yet.

As long as you have a good internet connection, and an intelligent approach, you should be able to look at ways to make money online. Here’s the tea:

1. Become an affiliate marketer

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is earning commission by selling another person or company’s product. This can be done through you, where the marketer shares your unique “invite code” or via a link to prospective buyers.

ClickBank and MaxBounty are popular platforms for affiliate marketing. The key in making money as an affiliate is finding offers that are membership based, and then ensuring that you get paid each month.

2. Write and sell an e-book

So you’re in the process of writing, or have just finished writing, a novel. Why not share it with the world, and perhaps create an income while at it?

Firstly you need to format your document so that it is a PDF document. You would also have more options if you convert the PDF to MOBI or EPUB formats.

Secondly, you will need to create an eye-catching cover. This can be done for free on a web-based design app like Canva.

Lastly, you will need to choose the platform where you will sell your book. You can expect the platform to deduct a percentage from your sales.

3. Monetise your social media platforms

Do you have the luxury of having many followers on your social media accounts? You might be able to look at being an influencer, and turn those followers into money.

The Humanz app is a platform that connects brands with influencers. Some of the promos are paid for in cash, while some are product reviews, such as reviewing a skin care line. You read the promo brief, pitch your content and when you’re selected, you can start securing the bag.

You don’t have to be a celebrity for this. Companies also want to work with micro-influencers as they are real, everyday people, whose audiences they relate with.

Depending on your niche, you can start making money from having as little as 1 000 followers on Instagram.

4. Sell print-on-demand T-shirts

Before you scroll down, no, you are not going to be physically purchasing and printing out T-shirts. You can start this with zero rand!

There are companies online that will allow you to design your own T-shirts, then print and distribute these to your customers, for you, at no cost to you.

For example, if it costs R50 for the company to make and ship out the T-shirt and you decide to sell it for R150, they will take the R50 and you keep the profit.