Max Verstappen Australian Grand Prix

Red Bull Racing’s Dutch driver Max Verstappen. Image: Giuseppe CACACE / AFP

Verstappen plays FIFA, then wins the Bahrain GP!

Forget practice laps! Max Verstappen plays FIFA before races – and wins. Explore his unusual pre-race routine.

Max Verstappen Australian Grand Prix

Red Bull Racing’s Dutch driver Max Verstappen. Image: Giuseppe CACACE / AFP

Max Verstappen’s dominant victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix may not come as a surprise to fans who’ve witnessed his pre-race routine. The three-time world champion relaxed ahead of the season opener by streaming EA FC 24 from his hotel room.

This isn’t the first time Verstappen’s indulged in gaming before a major win, hinting at a possible secret to his success.

Gaming: A Stressbuster for Verstappen

Verstappen’s fondness for video games is well-known, extending to his participation in a professional sim racing team. Fans expressed amusement seeing the Dutchman unwind with virtual football mere hours before the 2024 season kick-off.

Their playful jokes about the Red Bull driver’s confidence underlined an expectation of another dominating performance – an expectation Verstappen ultimately fulfilled. He secured maximum points, including the fastest lap, finishing a staggering 22.457 seconds ahead of his teammate, Sergio Perez.

Gaming Success Before the US GP

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner revealed further insights: “Verstappen had already enjoyed a bit of EA FC action even before the 2021 US GP – a race he went on to win in a thrilling battle with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.”

Verstappen’s Gaming Prowess

The reigning F1 world champion is far from your average EA FC player. He’s proven his skills even against seasoned pros. A YouTube video sponsored by Viaplay showcases a competitive match with Koen Weijland, a five-time FIFA (now EA FC) world champion.

Despite losing 2-0, Verstappen’s impressive display hints at his desire to excel, whether behind the wheel of his Red Bull or on a virtual pitch. His impressive FIFA 19 ranking of 21st globally reveals the extent of his gaming talent.

Max Verstappen’s relaxed pre-race gaming habits serve as a fascinating glimpse into the world champion’s mindset. Whether his virtual victories translate to real-world F1 success is up for debate, but his ease and confidence under pressure – in both realms – are undeniable.