cristiano ronaldo statue

The internet is losing its damn mind over this Cristiano Ronaldo statue… and not in a good way

The Cristiano Ronaldo statue is terrible. Absolutely terrible.

cristiano ronaldo statue

So, you know who Cristiano Ronaldo is, right? Yeah, you know, the second most famous player in the world (Lio Messi has gotta be the most famous thanks to all those Lays adverts).

Anyway, if you were gonna make a statue of Ronaldo, you probably know what he looks like, even if you didn’t get a picture, right?

Well, unless you’re the person who made the statue for Madeira Airport, which has now been renamed Cristiano Ronaldo airport… then not so much.

The statue was unveiled today and the internet is freaking out.

Well, to be fair, he DOES have a really long neck.

Coming to Snapchat near you…

Only explanation.


Also a possible explanation.


OMG, can’t unsee.

Or maybe…

Oh, the humanity! However will he cope?

And you’ve probably seen some lower league football.