Safa house in Johannesburg. Photo: ANTONIO MUCHAVE.

Safa release statement in support of #BlackLivesMatter movement

Safa president Danny Jordaan has urged athletes across the country to open up about the racial injustices they face within sporting structures.


Safa house in Johannesburg. Photo: ANTONIO MUCHAVE.

The South African Football Association (Safa) has released a statement giving their full support towards the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Safa’s statement comes hours after South African football legend Mark Fish shocked the world by openly criticizing the #BLM movement on Twitter.

Safa calls on athletes to speak out

Over the past two weeks, various South African sportsman have opened up regarding the inequalities they’ve faced due to their skin colour. Safa has urged others to follow suit and speak out against all forms of injustice.

“Safa president Danny Jordaan pledged his full solidarity to athletes who are taking a stand against the racial injustices found within sporting structures across the globe.” a Safa statement read.

“The Association fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement and hereby calls on more athletes and administrators to speak out and engage in meaningful conversations about how we can uproot all manifestations of discrimination in sport and society generally.”

‘We stand for transformation’

The issue of transformation in South African sport has been a contentious topic for many years. Safa has since addressed the matter describing the debate as an ‘excuse to perpetuate white privilege’.

“For far too long, the conversation has tended to be divisive, with some individuals and groups equating the calls for transformation in sport with political interference. This is nothing but an excuse to perpetuate white privilege and entrench the systematic exclusion of others simply on the basis of their skin colour.”

“This is not the time for bickering about transformation. It is a time to listen attentively to those who are speaking out, show empathy and commit to remove the vestiges of apartheid in all its forms. We cannot continue to claim undying love for Nelson Mandela when we fail to heed his calls for sport to be a unifier and a catalyst for the end of racism.”

Safa to participate in #BLM

Safa further confirmed that the association will be playing their part in the #BlackLivesMatter campaign by making use of their various platforms to educate the public on the pertinent matter.

“In the coming days we will be sharing images and messages of our Black Lives Matter solidarity campaign on various platforms. Look out for them and join the conversation.” the statement concluded.