Smackdown the Rock

The Rock has issued a challenge to Cody Rhodes. Images: WWE

Smackdown: The Rock issues a shocking callenge

The Rock returned to SmackDown and answered Cody Rhodes’ challenge by offering a counter-challenge to main event WrestleMania.

Smackdown the Rock

The Rock has issued a challenge to Cody Rhodes. Images: WWE

The Rock returned to SmackDown as The Bloodline answered Cody Rhodes’ challenge by offering a counter-challenge for a tag team match to main event WrestleMania Saturday.

It will be a high-stakes match indeed.

WATCH: The Rock issues a shocking callenge on Smackdown

Smackdown results and highlights

Tiffany Stratton def. Naomi 

Tiffany Stratton continues her impressive winning streak on SmackDown, taking out Naomi in a devilish battle. 

Just days following their brutal Elimination Chamber Match, Tiffany Stratton and Naomi went toe-to-toe. 

Naomi looked to gain payback after Stratton eliminated her in Perth. 

Stratton was able to deftly rake the eyes before hitting the Prettiest Moonsault Ever, extending Tiffy Time for another week. 

Dakota Kai shockingly turned her back on Bayley against The Kabuki Warriors 

Bayley and Dakota Kai battle The Kabuki Warriors, but Kai sides with Damage CTRL and helps the group deliver a merciless beating on their former leader. 

Bayley and Dakota Kai were set to take on WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka and Kairi Sane to get retribution after being kicked out of Damage CTRL. 

However, just as Bayley was about to tag in Kai, her tag team partner dropped from the apron, allowing Asuka and Sane to brutalize the 2024 Royal Rumble Winner. 

Kai then aligned back with Damage CTRL, helping her comrades beat down her former friend. 

Bron Breakker def. Xyon Quinn 

Bron Breakker continues to make an impact on the blue brand by brutalizing Xyon Quinn. 

At the sound of the bell, Bron Breakker hit a massive Spear on Xyon Quinn for an immediate victory.  

Rey Mysterio returned as Carlito def. Santos Escobar in a Street Fight 

As Carlito battles Santos Escobar in a vicious Street Fight, The Master of the 619 makes his return to help his fellow LWO member take down Escobar. 

After months of animosity, Carlito and Santos Escobar squared off in a Street Fight. 

In front of a sold-out Glendale, Arizona crowd, Carlito went for the weapons, including an apple, much to the delight of the WWE Universe. 

However, Escobar was soon able to gain the upper hand, using a trash can to inflict punishment on Carlito.  

Carlito turned the tables, or rather, the trash can, onto Escobar, attacking him with a steel chair while Escobar was enveloped inside the trash can. 

Soon enough, mayhem erupted as Angel and Humberto of Legado del Fantasma and Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde of The LWO emerged from the backstage area to engage in a huge brawl. 

Just as Legado del Fantasma seemed to gain the upper hand, Rey Mysterio made a thunderous return! 

Mysterio landed a 619 on Escobar, and Carlito hit Escobar with a huge spinebuster through a table to win the Street Fight. 

Randy Orton def. Austin Theory in Smackdown main event

The Viper takes on Austin Theory, as Kevin Owens lends a helping hand to Randy Orton. 

After Logan Paul blasted him with brass knuckles during the Elimination Chamber Match, Randy Orton took on Paul’s associate Austin Theory, while Kevin Owens provided guest commentary.

Despite Grayson Waller trying to interfere multiple times, The Viper combated the attempted cheating. 

Orton sent Waller and Theory tumbling onto the announce table with back suplexes. 

After an exciting back-and-forth, Orton stunned Theory with a huge RKO out of nowhere to win the match. 

Following the match, KO and Orton were left standing after a wild brawl with Waller and Theory.