Schalk Burger: It’s the first

Schalk Burger: It’s the first time SA rugby is in a big crisis

Like many others, Schalk Burger has added his voice to the concerned chorus about the current “crisis” facing South African rugby. Unlike so many others, Burger actually proposes a few solutions.

Schalk Burger: It’s the first

Schalk Burger added his voice to the chorus of those warning that South Africa’s rugby administrators need to act... or else. In an interview with UK publication The Guardian, Burger called the current situation in South Africa “pretty bleak”.

He said that the warning signs that South African rugby was heading for a crisis was there “last year and maybe the year before”.

“We went through a phase when massive alarm bells were ringing but we probably had a good enough international side at the time to mask it,” he told The Guardian.

Burger says that it’s time to become “proactive” and reckons central to that change is finding a way to curb the exodus of players leaving to go play overseas. At last count, at least 300 South African players were registered in Europe or Japan and Burger believes players are no longer willing to stick around and wait their turn for their opportunity.

Burger also believes one way to possibly end this is by changing the way the system currently works in terms of club competition. He calls for “privately owned teams” like clubs in England and “basically staring a new competition” – ergo stopping all this travelling through time zones to bend to SANZAR’s wishes.

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