Swartberg100 Grand Fondo

Starting and ending in the Karoo town of Prince Albert on Saturday, 29 April
Image via Twitter @Swartberg100

ICYMI: UCI Swartberg 100 Gravel Fondo cycling results

South Africa’s premier gravel race the, Swartberg 100 saw a host of cyclist qualify for the UCI Gravel World Championships on 29 April 2023.

Swartberg100 Grand Fondo

Starting and ending in the Karoo town of Prince Albert on Saturday, 29 April
Image via Twitter @Swartberg100

South Africa’s premier gravel race, the Swartberg 100, one of the toughest Gravel Fondos, was race in and around Prince Albert and saw a host of cyclists qualify for the UCI Gravel World Championships on Saturday, 29 April 2023.

To qualify for the 2023 UCI Gravel World Championships hosted in Italy in October, riders had to finish in the top 25% of their age and gender category.

Highlights of the 2023 UCI Swartberg 100 Results can be found below.

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Swartberg 100 Gran Fondo

Out of the 32 women that took to the starting line, 28 finished. Catherine Colyn came first, Teresa Rindler Bachl was in second, and Anneke Lund rounded off the podium.

On the men’s side, 252 cyclists crossed the finish line of the 261 that started the race. Gustav Basson took top honours with Db Loubser coming in next with Kent Main comming third.

Swartberg 100 Medio Fondo

The 75km race was won by Michelle George beat Pauline Tunstead and Alma Colyn in the women’s category.

In the men’s race Jimmy Mills, beat Shawn Kirschner and John Bos in a time of 3h 10m 25s.

Swartberg 100 staffetta

The women’s relay race was won by TEAM Gin &Tonic, who beat out the only other team in the category TEAM Biking Babes.

The men’s race was won by TEAM Daikin/Toac Air Conditioning SA. Team LUIGAT came second, and TEAM Codger came third.

There was also a mixed division which was won by TEAM Nemesis Grvl. TEAM Basement Buddies came in next, followed by TEAM Record.

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The shortest of the races at just 43km was won by Elaine Batteson, who beat Dee Beukes and Jorinda van Staden in the women’s race.

Ryno Schutte won the men’s race. Luke Keyser came in second followed by Luandro Sass.


Like the Piatta but with ebikes, Lynn Fisher won the women’s race. Elizma Fuller and Engela Fuller rounded out the podium.

In the men’s race, Jan Ernst Volschenk, who competes in the over seventies category, came first, beating the clock as the only male entrant.

Gran Fondo Men who qualified for the UCI Gravel World Championships

19 -34 age bracket:

  1. Gustav Basson
  2. Db Loubser
  3. Kent Main
  4. Gert Heyns
  5. Jaedon Terlouw
  6. Erick Hayns
  7. Matthew Keyser
  8. Philipp Bachl
  9. Rogan Smart
  10. Freddie Visser
  11. Keanan Roodt


  1. Dusty Day
  2. Matthys Beukes
  3. Jarryd Haley
  4. Raoul Goetze
  5. Dana Cottzee
  6. Brett Wegner


  1. Alex Pavlov
  2. Donovan Geldenhuys
  3. Isak Mare
  4. Derek Venter
  5. Neil Timm
  6. Maniora Regis
  7. Brad Venter
  8. Cobus Swanepoel


  1. Johann Naude
  2. Thys Oosthuizen
  3. Kevin Evans
  4. Frans Fourie
  5. Ben Meit Swanepoel
  6. Vickus Boshoff
  7. Julien van der Pluym
  8. Jean Fourie
  9. Mark Pretorius
  10. David Labuschagne
  11. Robert Cornforth
  12. Jaques de Bruyn
  13. Rowan Voster


  1. Chris van Rooyen
  2. Jeandre van Schalkwyk
  3. Gert Nel
  4. Andreas Studer
  5. George Dimopoulos
  6. Russell Lund
  7. Michael Dundulakis
  8. Paul Lewis Enright
  9. Tinus Scheepers
  10. Francois Kemp
  11. Hennie du Plooy
  12. Dean Rosin
  13. Martin Sanders


  1. Gavin Viljoen
  2. Dirk Nel
  3. Pete Nelson
  4. John Horn
  5. Christiaan Beyers
  6. Dawid de Bruin
  7. David Knee
  8. Sean Stephenson


  1. Vaughan Ulyate
  2. Kobus Venter
  3. Adriaan Beukes
  4. Peter Stopforth
  5. Johan Fourie


  1. William Simpson
  2. Graham Monteith


  1. Alewyn Voster


  1. Charles Steyn

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Gran Fondo Women who qualified for the UCI Gravel World Championships


  1. Catherine Colyn
  2. Theresa Rindler Bachl


  1. Lasqueve Raubenheimer
  2. Kerri Anderson


  1. Anneke Lund
  2. Juanita Mackenzie


  1. Karyn Adendorff
  2. Ingrid Serritslev Talbot


  1. Ischen Stopforth
  2. Jolanda Rosin


  1. Jenny Reynolds


  1. Brenda Coomer