Springboks will take a SA piec

Springboks will take a SA piece of turf to the RWC… if they can get it through customs

The Boks will be going to extremes with their #HomeGroundAdvantage campaign and will take turf from South Africa with them to the World Cup. We just hope they’ve cleared it with customs.

Springboks will take a SA piec

Talk about going to the next level to give the Boks that #HomeGroundAdvantage. A special piece of turf will be given to the Springboks to take with them for their Rugby World Cup campaign.

The grass is being grown in soil drawn from all 14 South African rugby provinces. The seed will be taken to the UK where it will be planted and grown and then placed in special trays in the Springbok dressing room. The South African turf will be the last thing the players’ boots touch before they head for the field during the tournament.

The Boks have always gone the extra mile to make their away dressing rooms feel like home. Whether it’s making sure they have their favourite South African snacks or simply putting a few flags up, Boks’ management always make an effort.

But here’s the thing, if you’ve ever watched Border Force, you’ll know that customs can be quite strict on bringing seeds from outside of the EU across the border.

According to this helpful leaflet on the UK government website, you are not allowed to bring any loose soil into the country from outside of the EU and for most other plant products, you need a ‘phytosanitary’ (plant health) certificate.  Grass seeds aren’t likely to pose too much of a problem, but we hope they’ve checked the rules.