Prasa screwed up, now they wan

Prasa screwed up, now they want their R2.65 billion back for the useless trains

Imagine a world where you buy something with taxpayer’s money, without making sure that it’ll actually work; then you realise you’re an idiot and decide you’re going to ask for all that money back.

Prasa screwed up, now they wan

Remember not so Lucky Montana and his not so engineery chief engineer Daniel Mthimkhulu? Ok so they’re responsible for the biggest tender f*ckup in recent history, where they bought R2.65 billion worth on Afro 4000 trains from Spain and then realised that they don’t run on our tracks.

Then Prasa fired dumb and dumber, but couldn’t figure out how to communicate with the trains’ onboard computers as they were programmed in Spanish. So now they’ve given up trying to get these things to work and want their money back from the company they bought it from.

The Sunday Times and MyBroadband report that Prasa has initiated court action so as to try and recover the costs of their utter incompetence.