Piers Morgan Meghan snowflake

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The creep: Piers Morgan’s long history of bullying young women of colour

The ugly face of hate-click media has caused another storm this week – but if Piers Morgan is trending, let’s have a PROPER talk about him…

Piers Morgan Meghan snowflake

Photo: ITV screenshot

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Let’s just say it, shall we? Piers Morgan deliberately picks fights with younger women. Perhaps it’s a coincidence that some of his nastier attacks just so happen to be levelled against women of colour… but his thirst to be mentioned in the same breath as these figures – for better or for worse – has been described as a ‘disturbing fetish’.

Piers Morgan is targeting a certain group of women – but why?

Morgan revels in controversy. He spews hatred for clicks and online engagement. That’s his gig, and as a former editor of a national newspaper, his demise should be a source of never-ending shame. Instead, he’s weaponised it in his favour – to the point where even an article like this may only serve to feed the beast.

But there is a trend with his chosen targets: Many young, successful, famous females from diverse ethnic backgrounds, some of whom have openly spoken about their battles with mental health, fall foul of the rent-a-gob’s scorn. His obsession with this particular demographic borders on the unhinged… and it seems he’s found another victim this week.

Piers Morgan and his problematic beefs

Naomi Osaka

Piers Morgan has shown his arse once again on Monday – this time for penning a scathing opinion piece on Daily Mail about tennis star Naomi Osaka. The athlete withdrew from the French Open on personal grounds this week.

The man’s a disgrace for coming after Osaka on the basis of her mental health. There’s no other way to say it. She’s out here explaining that the media space is daunting and intimidating – to which he responds with targeted harassment. Piers Morgan has never grasped the complexities of depression, nor will he ever have the capacity to understand it.

Meghan Markle

There’s never been a sadder showing than this. That perverse thrill Morgan achieves from trying to make himself relevant in the Meghan Markle story is painful to watch. Nothing sums up PM’s desperate acts of attention-seeking like his relentless campaign against the Duchess of Sussex. Mate, she’s not bothered. Get over it…

Jameela Jamil

Jamil might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Morgan’s petulant treatment of the Hollywood actress ‘nearly drove her to suicide’. Following the tragic death of TV host Caroline Flack, Piers aired DMs he received from the late presenter, complaining about Jamil’s conduct. The personal issue became public, and put the 35-year-old through a living hell.

Afusa Hirsch

The activist claimed that ‘racial bias in the media’ forced Meghan Markle out of the Royal Family. Morgan, with all the self-awareness of road-crossing toad, then took the comment personally – and began ranting and raving at Afusa Hirsch before carrying on with the spat online. The ‘InfluenceHER’ group accused Morgan of obstructing rational debate.

“Ms. Hirsch was afforded no room to respond to a barrage of accusations, bullying, and confrontations masquerading as journalism. You cannot claim to want to talk about racism and then besiege someone, preventing them from actually responding.”

Janet Mock

Never forget that Piers Morgan had a show cancelled in America due to low ratings. His live production was too brash even for the US, and a clash with transgender activist Janet Mock proved to be a final nail in his coffin. He repeatedly mocked and insulted Mock – referring to her with a string of insensitive terms – before portraying himself as a victim.

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