Opinion: Penny Sparrow is a na

Opinion: Penny Sparrow is a national hero

Penny Sparrow is a national hero. Or should be one. I’ll tell you why.

Opinion: Penny Sparrow is a na

Before she decided to re-appropriate the definition of a primate in none too salutary terms, the country was in a state of political correctness which reminded me of an old lady with diarrhoea on a bus trying desperately not to shit in her pants.

Then Penny Sparrow stood on an ice-cream stick at her local beach, posted her feelings about it on Facebook, and all hell broke loose.

And like a festering boil which must be lanced to heal, this is exactly what the country needed.

Because, if you go onto the political websites and Facebook sites now, you won’t believe what you see. Most of the interracial insults flying in the mass debates  (now now!) on these sites make Sparrow’s monkey quip sound like a dedication to the Pope.

And this is a good thing.

I’ll use an analogy to tell you why.

Imagine two guys in a pub who spend hours getting pissed and more antagonising towards each as the night rolls by. Inevitably they end up outside resorting to that which men do when all verbal negotiation fails…slugging it out with their fists.

But, and here’s the rub, when the fight is over, these  guys inevitably end up back in the pub, their arms around each other, the best of friends, buying each other drinks.  Because that is one of the foibles of human nature.

In life, most things must get worse before they get better.

So, Penny Sparrow did us all a great favour in opening a can of very rotten worms, giving us the opportunity to purge it.

The only big loser is Penny Sparrow herself. But I hear she’s managed to find a job cleaning out cages at a monkey sanctuary in Limpopo.

Don Clarke – The Drakonteur

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