New Zealand rugby writer calls

New Zealand rugby writer calls for the Springbok name to be scrapped

A New Zealand rugby columnist thinks it’s high time that South Africa do away with the Springbok emblem.

New Zealand rugby writer calls

New Zealand columnist, Chris Rattue, has called for the Springbok name and emblem to be scrapped. Amid fierce debate around transformation in rugby (or rather the lack thereof), Rattue penned a column saying it’s time South Africa takes a step forward to rid itself of the past.

Writing for the New Zealand Herald, he said:

“It’s high time for the Springbok to leap like a gazelle into history, for South African rugby to signal a bold future and new mentality by finding another name for their national rugby side.

“The Springbok team is dividing at home before they try to conquer at the World Cup. Debate over the racial makeup of the side has exposed wounds and opened a window on their rugby and society. It is an ugly and hopeful debate all in one, but the opportunity to use it for good needs to be taken.”

Rattue thinks the Springbok logo should have been scrapped in the 1990 already.

“The Springbok symbol was so closely associated with the disgusting apartheid system, was so much an icon of white domination and self-indulgent cruelty, that it should have been retired in the mid-1990s when the evil segregation laws were eliminated.”