Humans of South Africa: Kindne

Humans of South Africa: Kindness without question

It is people like the Dawpro team that make Humans possible

Humans of South Africa: Kindne

Kindness without question

Kindness is not something that surprises me, yet I am always grateful for it. I am fortunate to constantly be made aware of its existence, but never take it for granted, so when kindness knocks on my door I find myself surprised. It is like seeing the ocean day in and day out yet never taking it for granted, and always giving it the respect it deserves because of its beauty and power.

How can we help? 

My site was clearly started by a writer, I know nothing about design — nor do I pretend to. I used my knowledge of WordPress to put together something that made me happy for five months. Moving down the line I knew it needed new life, a breath of fresh air and so I began to look for help. A friend posted on facebook to help me with my search. Within the hour, Doron had gotten in contact with her. He then called me, asking “How can we help?”

He is apart of a team at Dawpro Digital who like humans for its diversity and honesty and wanted to be involved in the project.

I love this story because it is the best example of the level of kindness I find myself face to face with most days.

HOSA has made me laugh, and it has made me cry. Every experience has made me think and question my own life countless times as we do with that which stirs and challenges us. Mostly it has made me so damn humble, not to mention incredibly grateful and happy.

There exists in this world a kindness that does not look for anything in return, a kindness that only acts for one reason alone and that is it ‘to be’ with no desire for anything in return.

Kindness is to some degree built into us, but it is mostly a learned behaviour.

edLearned behavior and a child’s potential

Ed Elliott, a contributor to the “Humans” and the “Bricks and Sticks” page, sent in a piece recently about the possibility each child offers. He questions a child’s future and lack of knowledge of the past. A child comes into a busy world, a world that no longer remembers a time before cellphones or Putin or Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. Each child if given the chance can be of a great service to this world in some shape or form.

The purpose of HOSA is to reconnect what feels disconnected; it is vital to instill kindness and awareness of others in children.

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This is part of a larger project called Humans of South Africa (HOSA), which aims to tell the stories of ordinary South Africans