Ex-Prasa chief Lucky Montana s

Ex-Prasa chief Lucky Montana says Thuli Madonsela is “just making drama” and vows to fight her report

Nothing to see here, move along, it’s just Thuli overreacting…

Ex-Prasa chief Lucky Montana s

Did you expect axed Prasa chief Lucky Montana to take even a smidgen or responsibility for the report released by public protector Thuli Madonsela which details just how rotten the organisation is?

Well, unlucky for you. Montana told The Star that he is “convinced he should reject the report in its entirety” and that all Madonsela is doing is “making drama“.

While Montana admits that “he made mistakes” at Prasa, he disputes the findings and says “just because you don’t agree with the way Prasa is run, does not make it corrupt“.

Right, buddy. So the dodgy tender after dodgy tender is all cool? OK then. Montana was identified in six of the 19 examples of tender and financial impropriety mentioned in the public protector’s report.

Montana also denied that he ever hired an uncle of his to work for Prasa and, we shit you not, this is a quote said: “No uncle of mine ever worked for Prasa. In fact, I recently buried my uncle.”