Watch: Woman eight-times over

Image via Safely Home

Watch: Woman eight-times over drink-driving limit before accident

Police have released video footage of a woman whose blood-alcohol level was eight-times over the drink-driving limit, last December.

Watch: Woman eight-times over

Image via Safely Home

According to reports from 9News Queensland, a 50-year-old woman returned a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0,419% after being involved in an accident on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, on 30 December 2022.

Eight-times over the drink-driving limit: But how?

The figure – eight-times over the drink-driving limit of 0,05% in that state – is one of the highest results recorded in Australian history. Consequently, the Queensland police labelled the amount as a “potentially lethal dosage” of alcohol.

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Perp demanded her wine back!

Sunshine Coast Highway Patrol officers responded to a two-car accident in Namour, and in body-cam footage shared on their Twitter feed – officers are seen confiscating a cask of wine from the 50-year-old woman. Unbelievably, she then proceeds to try claim it back from police.

Eight-times over the drink-driving limit: No serious injuries

Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported after the accident. Both vehicles involved were single occupancy. Understandably, the perpetrator was charged with driving under the influence and had her license suspended immediately.

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Image via CDC/ Amanda Mills acquired from Public Health Image Library

Drunk driving impairs your judgement

Senior Sergeant of the Highway Patrol Sunshine Coast, Shane Panoho, said a BAC of more than 0,4% was considered to be lethal. “Drinking alcohol reduces your ability to drive safely. And alcohol affects your judgement, vision, coordination and reflexes – increasing your risk of having a crash.

“The actions of this driver endangered not only her own life but the lives of every other person on the road that day. So don’t drink and drive,” said Senior Sergeant Panoho in a media statement.