Mercedes-Benz goes all the way

Mercedes-Benz goes all the way with its new S-Class limousine

Mercedes-Benz evolves the epitome of luxury motoring with its W223.

Mercedes-Benz goes all the way

For seven-generations the S-Class has defined German luxury car motoring.

Despite its enormous product portfolio unrivaled by any other car brand, Mercedes-Benz has always invested its best engineering and technology into its S-Class.

New S-Class: Space and technology

The latest version of Mercedes-Benz’s most premium luxury car has now been revealed and although the design is subtle and elegant, it hides a terrific technology offering.

In terms of sheer size, the new S-Class has grown 33mm in length, 50mm across and stands 10mm taller. Engineers have also extended the wheelbase by 50mm and that means an even roomier cabin.

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Luxury meets digital

Those people responsible for developing and marketing the most convincing luxury car that Mercedes-Benz produces, will liken S-Class ownership as an alternative to short-haul flying. To ensure the true business class experience, the new S-Class features ergonomically padded seats with no less than ten different massage functions.

Comfort and state of wellness feature extend to the 250 fibre optic cabin lights, which can control mood illumination and response to change in natural exterior lighting or what is being relayed across the infotainment system.

Mastering most of the sophisticated comfort features in this new limousine, is a large 12.8-inch portrait view touchscreen. Interior designs at Mercedes-Benz have deleted no less than 27 knobs and dials, replacing them with voice and touch controls via the infotainment screen.

Orchestral sound quality

Sound insulation has always been a crucial feature in any S-Class, ensuring the quietest possible cabin, but when you do wish to indulge in a trending podcast, some news radio or streaming media, there are 30 speakers to fulfil your acoustic destiny.

Mercedes-Benz has worked closely with sound specialist Burmester to create a system which delivers orchestral sound quality to those fortunate enough to be transported in a new S-Class.

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Hybrid drivetrains

Two engine options have been confirmed for the new S-Class, both with significant hybridization, drawing power from an onboard battery pack.

The S500 is powered by a 2.9-litre in-line six engine, boosted by both turbocharging and electric power from the hybrid drive system. It is rated at 320kW and 520Nm, numbers which should ensure seamless overtaking acceleration, even fo a vehicle of this new limousine’s size.

Customers who prefer their S-Class with V8 power, can opt for an S580. Above its front axle there is a turbocharged four-litre V8 engine, which is good for 350kW and 700Nm.

Ride quality

Ride quality has always been a key feature for S-Class and to ensure that occupants are cosseted at speed, even on those larger 21-inch wheels, Mercedes-Benz has equipped its new limousine with high-volume air suspension.

Even cleverer, is the car’s agility in tight parking or traffic conditions. The rear wheels can steer independently, which allows this new S-Class to have a dramatically shorter virtual turning circle, trimmed by 2m.

What does that mean in practice? Well, despite its huge size, this new S-Class is easier to park than a C-Class sedan…