Which are the most powerful astrological gemstones?

Which are the most powerful astrological gemstones? Image credit: AdobeStock

Which are the most powerful astrological gemstones?

(Partner Content) Gemstones play an essential role in the Law of Attraction and attract good health and wealth. They contain concentrated energies that influence planets and the stars associated with them.

Which are the most powerful astrological gemstones?

Which are the most powerful astrological gemstones? Image credit: AdobeStock

Astrology has been in practice for hundreds of years and is slowly gaining popularity in many countries. India’s ancient profound knowledge of gemstones is based on the belief that the stars and the eight planets strongly influence our lives. Wearing or possessing gemstones channel the frequency of the Grahas and transform the lives of the wearers. 

Many people believe in keeping them in their drawers, corners of their house or close to their body for financial and physical gains.

  • Blue Sapphire
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The malefic effects of Saturn and the negative energies from Sade Sati can lead to loss of wealth and block the chakras for inflow of money. Blue Sapphire stone can protect you from adverse effects and preserve your energy. It’s also believed to stabilize the wearer’s steady flow of income.

  • Citrine

Commonly called ‘The luck merchant’s stone’, Citrine activates the crown chakra used for financial gains and improving sources of income. It’s kept in cash drawers and wallets of business people for the same reason.

  • Pyrite

Called the ‘Fool’s gold’, Pyrite is the ultimate gemstone for bringing luck, prosperity and abundance by attracting coins and cash. Adhering to the Law of Attraction, Pyrite brings more energy and income to the owner.

  • Ruby

Astrologically, Rubies are associated with the sun and are appropriate for the heads of the family. This is because the sun signifies life force and is worshipped worldwide as a father figure. Fame, respect, intelligence and power are some benefits associated with rubies.

  • Emerald

Also called ‘Panna’, Emerald resonates with money and cash and is an abundance crystal. It enhances our thinking process to help us make the right decision. When it comes to wealth, Emerald can increase money flow in our lives.

  • Diamond

Diamonds are considered the most beautiful of all jewels. But they are more than just their beauty. Diamonds represent the planet Venus and are the right gemstone for unlocking riches and creative potential. They can bring you luck and fortune and increase confidence in your life. Its tranquil look brings calmness to the mind. But their high price makes them inaccessible to some people. But if you can afford them, they can prove to be a valuable investment in your fortune and life.

  • Yellow Sapphire

Activating the solar plexus chakra, the yellow sapphire radiates energy to bring our big dreams into physical form. It sustains your desires and goals even in difficult times. In addition, it encourages mental peace, courage and happiness by limiting the tendency of getting angry and upset.

  • Garnet

Ruled by the planet Rahu, it helps the wearer clear their old debts and move towards a mode steady source of income. It brings balance in life and eliminates the negativities from the mind. Ancient Egyptians considered Garnet a protection stone that acts as a shield against all evil.


  • Green Jade

Associated with the heart chakra, Green Jade has healing energy that helps us improve our self-worth and our sense of self. Keeping the gemstone close to our bodies can boost our long-term energy and focus on our financial goals. It’s a lucky charm for most people working towards their financial goals.

  • Malachite

Associated with the heart and throat chakra, the energies from Malachite protect one from financial misfortune and are considered an energy magnet. People place this gemstone in their wallets, preserving the attention to resolve economic issues. It’s a stone for love and emotions. It encourages people to address difficulties in life by reminding them that “this, too, shall pass”. This stone is believed to repair relationships by bringing harmony to mind and the body.

While some people question the authenticity and effectiveness of astrological stones, astrologers claim that not all gemstones work for everyone. Based on a complex combination of their birthdays, the position of the celestial bodies during the birth of the person, personality traits and many other factors, these gemstones all have different impacts on everyone. Therefore, you must be careful while buying gemstones online. Some renowned and trusted online gemstone stores, such as GemPundit.com, offer a wide variety of authentic crystals. They also offer gemstone jewellery online.

This is the reason that a good astrologer can tell you the suitable stone for your life based and can forecast the impact or side-effects specific stones can have on your body. If you believe in Astrology and the effect it plays in our lives, seek the advice of an astrologer before choosing a gemstone for you. The suitable stone can help you direct your efforts in the right direction and channel your energy for a better life.