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Word of the day: Saturnine

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Word of the day

Dictionary word of the day. Photo: Pexels

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Today’s word of the day is: Saturnine meaning


Saturnine is a literary word that typically describes people who are glum and grumpy or things that suggest or express gloom. It can also mean “slow to act or change.”

Pronunciation: [SAT-er-nyne]

Saturnine is far—even astronomically far—from the cheeriest of words. It has a long history of describing the glum and grouchy among us and comes ultimately from Sāturnus, the name of the Roman god of agriculture, who was often depicted as a bent old man with a stern, sluggish, and sullen nature. Saturn, the ringed gas giant that is one of five planets visible to the naked eye, is of course the namesake of Sāturnus, and Saturn does indeed seem to dawdle; it requires over 29 of our Earth years to orbit the sun.

Example: A walk in the sunshine can improve your mood significantly, raising the spirits of even the most saturnine among us.








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