khaya dladla GC Uzalo

Khaya Dladla as GC in ‘Uzalo’. Image: Supplied

‘Uzalo’ brushes off flamboyant actor Khaya Dladla…again

Seems it is the end of the ‘Uzalo’ road – again – for actor, singer and radio presenter Khaya Dladla and his character, GC.

khaya dladla GC Uzalo

Khaya Dladla as GC in ‘Uzalo’. Image: Supplied

Actor and radio presenter Khaya Dladla who played the role of the bubbly gay character, GC, on Mzansi’s hit telenovela Uzalo, just got sidelined again!

Dladla’s contract was allegedly not renewed four years ago following the writers’ inability to expand his character’s storyline.

At the time, entertainment commentator Phil Mphela tweeted that, according to his sources, the actor was fired because “he asked for a raise”.

Mixed views about Khaya Dladla’s GC this time round

Fans of the show who frequently asked for Khaya Dladla to return, had mixed reviews about his character this season though.

According to #Uzalo on Twitter, fans found him extremely annoying and unnecessary when he returned this year.


The show brought back old characters this year, such as Thobile (played by Nokuthula Mabika) and Mastermind (TK Dlamini), who were also previously written out of the telenovela’s storyline.

The producers of Uzalo were reportedly instructed by the SABC to improve the storyline by bringing back some of the popular old characters.

But now history is repeating itself as Dladla — who was meant to stay an entire season — only had a brief stint on the show.

Lowdown on Dladla previous stint

The actor told The Sowetan back in 2018:

“According to producers, I am not cut off the cast but I was never asked to sign a new contract and they didn’t have further conversation with me after my contract expired in October 2017. I am not in the credits and I receive nothing.”

Khaya Dladla said he appeared for work in December 2018 and received payment for three appearances instead of his usual monthly salary. When he asked producers if he was a “call actor”, he wasn’t given direct answers which made Dladla not understand where he stood with the show at the time.

One of the producers of the show, Pepsi Pokane, told Sowetan back in 2018 that Dladla wasn’t fired from the show at the time.

Pokane said that the writers are solely responsible for the characters’ storylines.

“We have new actors, so we gave the old ones some space to allow new characters to develop. We felt the new actors needed support and exposure and GC is such a strong character, we just gave it a bit of a pause.”  


A source from Daily Sun said Dladla’s future with Uzalo will only be known after the writers and producers meet this coming Monday 15 June at the storyline writing workshop.