Deli Malinga as MamZobe

‘Umkhokha’ viewers are saddened by the series being turned into a telenovela like ‘The Queen’ and ‘DiepCity’. Image via Twitter @RhythmWorld4

‘Flop like ‘The Queen’: ‘Umkhokha’ fans react to show turning to telenovela

‘Umkhokha’ viewers are disappointed that the faith-based series is being turned into a telenovela like ‘The Queen’ and ‘The River’,

Deli Malinga as MamZobe

‘Umkhokha’ viewers are saddened by the series being turned into a telenovela like ‘The Queen’ and ‘DiepCity’. Image via Twitter @RhythmWorld4

Mzansi Magic’s popular series Umkhokha is being turned into a telenovela.  

The faith-based Sunday night thriller surpassed all expectations when it became one of the most-watched shows on the channel last year (2021).  

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Mzansi’s fan-favourite series Umkhokha will return as a telenovela on Mzansi Magic.   

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela confirmed that plans are underway for the series to be turned into a telenovela.   

Mphela also revealed that popular producer-writer Bongi Ndaba has been appointed as the head writer for the series from the second season.   

The first season was headed by Gomora, Isibaya, and Uzalo writer Chris Q Radebe.   

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Fans of the show are disappointed with the news as they prefer the show to remain as it is.   

South African audiences prefer series’ over telenovelas as the storylines do not drag longer and the show remains more interesting.   

They’ve learned from shows such as The Queen and The River that telenovelas aren’t always a good idea.   

Most fans who commented on Mhpela’s tweet revealed that the producers would be ruining a good series and will probably lose viewers because of the changes.  

They don’t want Umkhokha to get cancelled like shows such as Legacy and Isibaya which became boring after being turned into a novela.   

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“True, it will end up boring just like the rest of them, The Queen, DiepCity, etc.” 


“Good idea to replace Chris Q if they are going to make it a telenovela.”

“He is good with short productions but not telenovelas.” 


“Yoh! SA and their telenovelas.”

“They’re going to mess up a good thing.”

“It starts well and they lose the plot then it’s just mixed masala nje. But hey, we’ll see.” 


“Yho please tell me you joking.”

“When will this soapie era be over is SA mara, so every fictional story has to be turned into a soapie now aowa.”

“I think I’m gonna stick to my Netflix.”

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