Actress Nqobile Sipamla.

Actress Nqobile Sipamla. Image via X @KamvaDiko

‘This is unrealistic bullsh*t’: Viewers lambast ‘Imbewu: The Seed’ writers

Viewers are wondering how Zimele couldn’t have kids with his wife but had multiple children outside his marriage.

Actress Nqobile Sipamla.

Actress Nqobile Sipamla. Image via X @KamvaDiko

Viewers of’s third most-watched soapie, Imbewu: The Seed are fed up with the writers of the Durban-based soapie.   

Viewers of the soapie have labelled the writer’s scripting as “trash” and the storylines as “unrealistic“.  

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A fan stated that she’ll rather be struck by lightning than watch the show again after the writers declared Fikile dead and woke her from the dead.

Fikile (Phindile Gwala) is being punished by her ancestors for dating her half-brother, Nkululeko Bhengu (Nkanyiso Mchunu).  

She and Nkululeko are defying the ancestors and have rubbished her mother’s claims that they’re siblings.    

Viewers thought the actress’s character will be killed off this week after reports stated she got fired by producers of the show.   

Fans of the show agree the actress hasn’t done any justice to her character and want her to exit the show along with actress, Vuyokazi Tshona, who plays the role of Buhle Bhengu.  

According to #ImbewuTheSeed on  Twitter, Tshona, who plays the role of Buhle has been struggling with emotional scenes since she joined the Durban-based soapie.  

@missmasango_bee tweeted:

“#ImbewuTheSeed guys, what acting is this?”

“Wiping tears that aren’t there!!”

“Yoooo Buhle can’t act to save her life.”

“She did the same thing when Zethu died why are they still keeping her on the show?”  

Fans also think the writers are obsessed with actress, Nqobile Sipamla, who plays the role of Thokozile.   

Viewers are unhappy with Sipamla’s ‘ghost storyline’ and think the writers should give it a rest.   

Her character died a few weeks ago and returned as a ghost to haunt her killers, Khanyo (Nqobile Ndlovu) and KaMadonsela (Brenda Mhlongo).  

Fans of the show are also wondering how KaMazulu’s (Leleti Khumalo) husband, Zimele Bhengu (Tony Kgoroge) could not have children with her but was able to have kids with women outside his marriage.   

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