'Skeem Saam' Makgofe Moagi

Charity Ramabu as Makgofe Moagi. Image via Twitter @MakgofeD

Skeem Saam’s Makgofe Moagi talks about spooky house and witchcraft ordeal

Actress and businesswoman Makgofe Moagi, who plays medium Charity on ‘Skeem Saam’, is no stranger to black magic and paranormal experiences in real life.

'Skeem Saam' Makgofe Moagi

Charity Ramabu as Makgofe Moagi. Image via Twitter @MakgofeD

Skeem Saam actress Makgofe Moagi recently got candid on her social media account about her real-life encounters with black magic.

The Limpopo-born actress plays the role of a medium named Charity Ramabu on the show.

Makgofe Moagi lived in a spooky house

The 40-year-old actress said on her Instagram Live that she had a funny feeling when she and her family moved to a particular house in Phalaborwa when she was a child.

The house was spooky because they would hear babies and cats crying at night. They couldn’t grow anything in their garden, or use the kitchen door to go to the patio at night.

Moagi says the family called some church leaders to pray for them and their house. She says their problems were only temporarily resolved as the house went back to being spooky later.

Bewitched by a friend

The actress also surprised her followers when she mentioned a friend of hers who borrowed her skirt and put a spell on her.

The actress gave her friend the skirt and bizarre things started to happen to her a week later. She says men couldn’t connect with her because her friend became her when she wore her skirt.


This isn’t the first time the actress shared some of her hardships with her followers.

In 2018, the actress took to her Instagram account to thank God for saving her life after she almost died in ICU.

Nothing fazes me in this world. I almost died, 2018 in ICU. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to everyone, I’m pregnant. I remember telling the doctors and radiographers to check if I’m not pregnant and they all dismissed that as drugged-up patient talk, but deep down in my soul I knew I was.

She says she was pregnant and the doctors didn’t believe her until they scanned her belly and saw her twin boys who are healthy today.

The actress gave birth to twins Cayden and Gabby after she previously shared that she suffered from endometriosis.

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