'Scandal' actress Lusanda Mbane as Boniswa Langa

‘Scandal’ actress Lusanda Mbane as Boniswa Langa at the #DeathofBoniswa e.tv event. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

‘Scandal!’: Boniswa’s exit and e.tv’s #DeathofBoniswa red carpet moments

The show is holding a special red carpet event to bid farewell to its evil queen Boniswa Langa. Watch ‘Scandal!’ to find out if Grace will be the one who pulls the trigger…

'Scandal' actress Lusanda Mbane as Boniswa Langa

‘Scandal’ actress Lusanda Mbane as Boniswa Langa at the #DeathofBoniswa e.tv event. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

Actress Lusanda Mbane who plays the villainous role of Boniswa Langa on e.tv’s most-watched soapie Scandal! will finally pay for her sins.

This is after she hired two hitmen to kidnap Mamba’s youngest daughter Aya Mamba (Ayanda Nzimande) so she can claim her inheritance and kill her.


Aya heard the hitman discussing their last job with Boniswa, where she hired them to kidnap Romeo (Hungani Ndlovu) and threw him down the river.

When they started bickering about money, Aya saw an opportunity to escape and ran out of the building.

She ran until she reached the main road, got a lift from a stranger and finally got dropped off at her sister Poloko Mamba’s (Upile Bongco) place.

She told her siblings that Boniswa was behind the kidnapping and the police closed all borders so she can’t skip the country.

Grace confronts Boniswa with a gun. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

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The police informed Boniswa’s daughter Xolile (Sivenathi Mabuya) what her mother did and told her to tip them if she contacts her.

Poloko called Grace and told her that Boniswa is the mastermind behind Romeo’s first fake death and real death.

Viewers will see Grace (Bathbile Mashigo) pleading with Neo Mokgethi (Jerry wa Makhetha) for a gun to avenge her son’s death. 

She will confront Boniswa with a gun and threaten to shoot and kill her, but will she go ahead with her plan, or will Boniswa jump? 


The actress has confirmed her exit in various interviews after playing the role of Boniswa for five years. 

The channel organised an event to bid farewell to the popular actress titled #DeathofBoniswa event which was attended by Mzansi’s A-listers earlier today.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela has posted several images of himself today at the exclusive event as well as the actress Lusanda Mbane herself and several cast members from the show.

Some of the images from the event indicate that there will be a dead body tonight and imply that Boniswa will die.

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