Master and Oby

The most talked-about characters of 2021. ‘Muvhango’ actress Kamo Letsosa in her villain role as Master and ‘Generations: The Legacy’ actress Khabonina Qubeka in her villain role as Oby. Images via Twitter @MuvhangoSA and @Gen_Legacy

Master, Oby, Fanie… our 2021’s top soapie characters

We look at characters from ‘Skeem Saam’, ‘Muvhango’, ‘The Queen’, ‘Scandal!’, and ‘Generations: The Legacy’ that kept us glued to the screen.

Master and Oby

The most talked-about characters of 2021. ‘Muvhango’ actress Kamo Letsosa in her villain role as Master and ‘Generations: The Legacy’ actress Khabonina Qubeka in her villain role as Oby. Images via Twitter @MuvhangoSA and @Gen_Legacy

From Skeem Saam’s Fanie, Muvhango’s Master, The Queen’s Thando Sebata, Generations: The Legacy’s Oby, to Scandal!’s Bohang, these were the most talked-about characters in 2021.

Here’s why viewers loved them and want them back to soapville!


Actress Kamo Letsosa, proved that she isn’t just a pretty face when she joined Muvhango in January to play the villainous role of Master.  

  • Her character was introduced to viewers as a mysterious woman who had a bizarre past with KK Mulaudzi (MacDonald Ndou).  
  • She was constantly dressed in dark clothing with her hair covering her face in an obscure manner, think Harry Potter and Anne Hathaway’s character from Roald Dahl’s The Witches.   
  • It turned out KK wasn’t a self-made millionaire he claimed to be, Master was the one who assisted him to become the wealthy businessman he is.   
  • She was visiting his house because KK needed to sacrifice someone he loves to the Amaboys (snakes) at the back of his house.
  • KK lost his youngest son and hasn’t recovered from the loss as he’s now a pastor in Thate.  


Oby’s witchcraft storyline got a lot of attention because it incorporated plots that involved witchcraft, hypnotism and human cannibalism.  

  • Qubeka who’s been a fan of the show for years finally landed a role of a Nigerian diplomat who practiced witchcraft by drugging people with her own branded tea and controlled them through hypnotism.  
  • Her character also appeased her ancestors by eating human livers mixed with her blood.  
  • She came back to South Africa to avenge her brother’s (Okiri) death and became desperate to punish Ayanda, who was responsible for his death.  
  • She and Kumkani (Vuya Dabula) planned to turn her into a zombie so they use her and own her.  


Scandal! viewers will never get over Thabo Malema’s bad cop character, Captain Bohang.

  • Malema was so good at playing a villain that some fans revealed they had nightmares about his character.  
  • Viewers hated to love him because they were so protective over his victims, Tebello and his mother, Seipati (Nolo Seabi).   
  • They still recall Bohang’s favourite line “Dumela Seipati (Hello Seipati)” which was both annoying and hilarious.  
  • We knew that Seipati was about to get tormented when he called her and we wanted Bohang dead but missed him dearly when he finally died.  
  • The actor told Daily Sun in March that playing Bohang has been an incredible journey and he’s enjoying every minute of it.   

“The show’s viewers have been showing me love and I appreciate them.”  

“My character brings a new dimension to the show because it portrays someone’s reality somewhere. The storyline is educational and edgy.”  


#SkeemSaam threatened to boycott the soapie when their fan-favourite character, Fanie got killed by Lehasa.   

  • Lehasa (Cedric Fourie) got rid of him because he knew that Fanie was about to expose him to the world.   
  • Fanie was like ‘Scandal!’s’ Romeo; a master manipulator, a hacking guru, and an IT specialist who could pass through any firewall of any company.  
  • Viewers are still upset with producers for writing him out because Lehasa seems to get away with everything and hasn’t been punished for his death.   
  • It felt like he was pretending to die last night and that he would wake up any minute because he was too smart.  


Fans doubted Nkosi’s acting skills when she joined The Queen in 2020 as she was constantly compared to her previous role, Qondi, on Isibaya.  

  • They thought the actress is too soft to play a villain character and stated that the role wasn’t suitable for her.
  • Viewers only started appreciating Nkosi’s character towards the end of season five after her sister, Mpho (Ntando Duma) got killed by the Khozas. 
  • Nkosi brought her bad-girl A-game persona and threatened the lives of the Khozas along with her father, Hector Sebata (Rapulana Seiphemo).   
  • The mother of one bagged an Outstanding Female Villain Award for the role at the Royalty Soapie Awards back in October this year. 

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