Makhosozane 'MaShelembe' Shelembe

‘Mnakwethu’ wife, Makhosazana ‘MaShelembe’ Shelembe. Image via Twitter @Angelas06641766

[Watch] Heartbroken ‘Mnakwethu’ wife gets a job offer on TikTok

MaShelembe from last night’s episode of ‘Mnakwethu’ was offered a job and a place to stay with her child in Johannesburg.

Makhosozane 'MaShelembe' Shelembe

‘Mnakwethu’ wife, Makhosazana ‘MaShelembe’ Shelembe. Image via Twitter @Angelas06641766

Last night’s episode on Mzansi Magic’s Mnakwethu left many viewers heartbroken, after MaShelembe’s husband, Langa, disrespected her by taking a second wife without her knowledge.   

The show, which is hosted by a polygamist, Musa Mseleku seeks to help married men introduce isithembu (polygamy) to their wives.  

Langa, from KwaZulu-Natal wanted Mseleku to assist him in getting permission from his wife, MaShelembe, to accept his mistress MaSithole as his second wife.  


Langa surprised his first wife, MaShelembe and viewers by telling Musa that he had already paid lobola for MaSithole and that his first wife, MaShelembe knows nothing about it.  

He further dropped another bombshell by revealing that MaSithole was four months pregnant.  

When Mseleku asked MaShelembe if she gives her husband permission to marry MaSithole she refused.

Viewers were pained by her situation and sobbed at the way he chose to bring his second wife into the picture.   

He mistreated her, and also made her feel unworthy as he was supposed to get permission from her first. 

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MaShelembe also revealed that Langa had not finished paying lobola for her.  

She also could not understand why her husband wanted a polygamous marriage when he can’t afford to take care of their family.  

Viewers of the show have now found her and her child a place to stay in Johannesburg and have offered her a job.  

The show has been trending since last night, as South Africans are still trying to find out how they can help her leave the toxic environment.  

Mseleku was also praised for standing beside MaShelembe last night, and for calling out her husband and his arrogant mistress. 

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