'Every Day Is Halloween' actress, Ayanda Borotho.

‘Every Day’ Is Halloween actress, Ayanda Borotho. Image via Twitter @Dedication_N

‘Every Day Is Halloween’ horror film raises awareness about GBV

The creators of the film said the campaign uses the horror of the movie as a real-life reference.

'Every Day Is Halloween' actress, Ayanda Borotho.

‘Every Day’ Is Halloween actress, Ayanda Borotho. Image via Twitter @Dedication_N

Creators of the horror film, Every Day Is Halloween have announced that the movie is campaigning against gender-based violence.    

The film which stars former Isibaya actress and women’s rights activist, Ayanda Borotho, focuses on a mother and her daughter who are trying to get away from a dangerous perpetrator.   


Brotho stated that South Africa is filled with horror stories of women who are being killed daily.   

“The violence is experienced both in public and private spaces.”

The character she portrays is barricaded in her home, looking out of a window with a sense of danger lurking outside her door.  

The actress-producer also says women can’t escape the violence they face no matter how hard they try and that they’re trapped in their homes with abusers and killers.  

“Outside the home, we are harassed and hunted.”

“We are separated from our children and families because we are running from physical and emotional danger.”  

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Thabisa Mkhwanazi who is the executive head of marketing at MultiChoice South Africa told Daily Sun that they wanted to show the reality of most women in South Africa through the film.  

The campaign also asks the public to participate in the fight against GBV by donating to the DSTV Box Office platform.  

Proceeds got to the Uyinene Mrwetywana Foundation which was launched in honour of 19-year-old university student, Uyinene Mrwetyana who was raped and murdered in 2019 at the Clareinch Post Office.  

“Although Halloween movies are based on fictional violence, in South Africa the violence perpetrated against women is sadly not fictional.”

“This campaign relays the danger, fear, and violence that is synonymous with the horror movie genre, that is experienced every day by South African women.”