Deleted Scenes: Emma Corrin’s

Image: Netflix/YouTube

Deleted Scenes: Emma Corrin’s Diana sings a ballad in ‘The Crown’

Netflix just released a never-before-seen clip of Emma Corrin singing a ballad from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ as Princess Diana.

Deleted Scenes: Emma Corrin’s

Image: Netflix/YouTube

In a deleted scene, The Crown recreated Princess Diana’s performance of the Phantom of the Opera‘s All I Ask of You, which she reportedly filmed and gave to Prince Charles as an anniversary present.

Emma Corrin’s Diana sings

Fans of the Netflix show was delighted when the never-before-seen clip from The Crown season 4 was released on the internet. In the deleted scene, Emma Corrin stars as Princess Diana, watching her own full performance of All I Ask of You. According to Town & Country, by extension, viewers get to see the princess’s musical number in its entirety.

In the series, viewers primarily saw Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles’s reaction to the video, as Corrin’s voice soundtracked the scene.

O’Connor’s Prince Charles was made deeply uncomfortable by the tribute, which Diana hoped would mend their faltering marriage. The deleted scene, however, shows Diana waking up in the night, plugging the tape into the VCR, and watching the full performance. The scene cuts to the musical number – costumes, theater, and all.

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Based on true events

Even though some aspects of The Crown are fictionalized, this scene was actually closely tied to true events. Princess Diana really did film herself performing the hit song and shot the video on the musical’s West End set. When Corrin found out about this project, she was “shocked,” the actress told Vanity Fair.

“That it’s exactly as it happened in the series – as in she hired the West End set, got a film crew in, and filmed it for Charles. Which is mental,” Corrin said.

The head researcher for The Crown, Annie Sulzberger confirmed the story and told The Telegraph, “We did not make this up. There were a number of [press] reports on this, enough to make us feel comfortable including it in the show. It’s a story that pre-existed the writing of the script.”