Max du Preez

Max du Preez will be interviewing five investigative journalists and a whistle blower in the new kykNET series, ‘Die Waarheid Met Max’. Image via @manleysocial/Instagram

Truth seekers: Max du Preez to zone in on state capture in new series

Veteran journalist Max du Preez will delve deeper into state capture in his hard-hitting six-part series, ‘Die Waarheid Met Max’, in April.

Max du Preez

Max du Preez will be interviewing five investigative journalists and a whistle blower in the new kykNET series, ‘Die Waarheid Met Max’. Image via @manleysocial/Instagram

Max du Preez, the author of A Rumour of Spring which won the Alan Paton prize, is set to interview five investigative journalists and a whistle blower in Die Waarheid Met Max.

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Having worked as a journalist since the 1980s and produced the SABC 1 award-winning show Special Assignment, Du Preez is going to sit down with acclaimed authors to tackle topics surrounding corruption in South Africa.

The series is set to air on kykNET (channel 144) at 20:00 and premieres on 3 April.


According to The Citizen, the first episode will see Jacques Pauw, writer of the sensational book The President’s Keepers, discuss his book at length. Pauw started the physical newspaper Vrye Weekblad with Du Preez in the late 1980s.

In the second episode, he will interview Johann van Loggerenberg who worked at the South African Revenue Service and is the writer of Rogue (2016), Death and Taxes (2017), Tobacco Wars (2019).

Delving into the allegations surrounded the former Free State premier Ace Magashule, Du Preez will speak to Pieter-Louis Myburgh about his book, The Gangster State, in the third episode.

Pieter du Toit will talk about his book, The Stellenbosch Mafia, in the fourth episode – which zooms into the mighty men of the university town.

Other episodes will look into organised-crime and cash-in-transit heists with authors Caryn Dolley and Annelise Burgess, respectively.

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In one of his columns for News24 in 2017, Du Preez presented his views about the state capture in which he said he didn’t think it would last for as long as it did. Further calling it an “ambitious project”, he claimed that former president Jacob Zuma and the current Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Deputy Minister David Mahlobo played pivotal roles in the “project”.

“The creation of a parallel, criminal state under Jacob Zuma progressed surprisingly far, but there was never a chance that it would be completely successful or last long. It is now collapsing spectacularly in front of our eyes.”

“This ambitious project, which has cost South Africa many billions of rand, a lot of prestige and several credit downgrades, could not have worked without the central roles Zuma and his chief Rottweiler, David Mahlobo, played. The fatal flaw in the project was their poor understanding of the very nature of South African society.”

– Max Du Preez