Babes & Mampintsha

Babes Wodumo & Mampintsha Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo

You’ll either love or hate Babes and Mampintsha’s ‘Uthando Lodumo’

Babes and Mampintsha’s Showmax Original series about their relationship ‘Uthando Lodumo’ has gone live this week. Here’s what viewers think.

Babes & Mampintsha

Babes Wodumo & Mampintsha Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha are one of South Africa’s most controversial couples. The musician couple took fans inside their rollercoaster marriage in a three-part Showmax original series, Uthando Lodumo

The series premiered on Tuesday 29 June with some fans staying up until the early hours of morning to catch the series. Mampintsha proposed to the Babes in October 2020 on Durban radio station Gagasi FM.

The series takes fans from the proposal, through to Babes’ pregnancy all the way to their traditional wedding in April 2021. 


Twitter users had mixed feelings about Uthando Lodumo with some viewers of the series praising the couple’s narration of their 10-year relationship.

One Twitter user asked why Babes had agreed to marry Mampintsha after claims of abuse and infidelity in their relationship arose.

Another Twitter user thought that the three-part series was the best local show they had ever seen, writing:

#UthandoLodumo this is the best local reality show I’ve seen to date. Babes no Mapintsha are crazy“.

More Twitter reactions to Babes and Mampintsha’s ‘Uthando Lodumo’.


It was recently reported that the controversial couple spoke to TshisaLive about the release of the series. Babes told the news platform that they were excited for South Africa to get a glimpse into their relationship. 

“Honestly it was about time to set the record straight as people always assumed this and that about my relationship with my new husband”. 

“They were able and willing to meet us halfway and feel that it was a project that would benefit all parties involved. I won’t lie, I felt like I was part of everything as my views mattered too.” 

Mampintsha added that the series was a great idea and a smart move for them as a couple.  

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