Survivor Series

Photo: WWE

WWE promises battle of the giants at 2021 Survivor Series

WWE’s Survivor Series is always a massive event and this year serves as the final pay-per-view of the year 2021.

Survivor Series

Photo: WWE

WWE’s Survivor Series is always a massive event and this year serves as the final pay-per-view for the sports entertainment titans this year.

Survivor Series is ready to wrap-up 2021 with a bang. 

This weekend, we witness the battle of the brands at the 2021 Survivor Series as WWE superstars from RAW and Smackdown go head-to-head for bragging rights.

From five-on-five tag team elimination matches to champions vs champions, this Survivor Series promises a spectacular show filled with defining moments as to who the best of the best really is.

Bitter feud between WWE’s iconic women

Former allies, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have long-standing history and a new chapter will be added to their story when these two rivals collide in a champion.

Since returning to WWE, Becky Lynch has dominated female wrestling making this is the ultimate battle for WWE’s alpha female.

On RAW this week, Lynch showed no fear for her upcoming battle. 

“I’m the person you’re gonna go face to face with at Survivor Series. I’m gonna force you to face all your insecure demons. This isn’t about brand supremacy. It’s about personal legacy.”

Flair, who has been a fixture in the title scene since 2015, responded: “I didn’t come this far to come this far.” That is how Charlotte keeps herself motivated for the upcoming challenge and she reiterated her belief that Lynch is just a fabricated champion.

Traditional Survivor Series matches

In a traditional elimination tag team match, the WWE Universe will bear witness to five superstars from Raw going head-to-head against five superstars from Smackdown in both the men’s and women’s divisions.

Newcomer on Smackdown, Aliyah, was removed from the Smackdown tag team after she drew the wrath of WWE official Sonya Deville for helping Naomi in a six-woman tag match.

Sadly, the same happened for Sami Zayn after his defeat against Jeff Hardy. Maybe there is a consipiracy against Zayn after all?

Lashley dominated Dominick Mysterio to win Mysterio’s spot on the Raw team. But the question remains, who will replace Zayn and Aliyah for the Smackdown tag teams.

New Day vs Bloodline

In a battle for championship supremacy, WWE Champion Big E will face his toughest task to date when he goes one-on-one with Universal Champion Roman Reigns. 

The animosity between The New Day and The Bloodline will come to a boiling point when each elite group’s dominant champions battle it out. 

Reigns however, remains supremely confident ahead of the battle.

Don’t miss these collisions at Survivor Series live in South Africa on DStv Channel 128 from 03:00 CAT on November 22 and WWE Network everywhere else.