Two Hues

Weaam Williams as Natasa in the short film ‘Two Hues’. Image supplied by Weaam Williams

‘Two Hues’: SA film becomes Africa’s first NFT funded feature film

South African film ‘Two Hues’ becomes the first African feature film to be funded in the Non-fungible Token (NFT) space.

Two Hues

Weaam Williams as Natasa in the short film ‘Two Hues’. Image supplied by Weaam Williams

Cape Town based production company, Tribal Alchemy is launching their feature film Two Hues, on the Non-fungible Token (NFT) market in time for their pitch at the Berlinale, European Film Market announced on 10 February.


Two Hues is Africa’s first feature film project to be funded in the NFT space. It is currently hosted on the cost-effective polygon block chain, with low gas fees.  For those who are not yet in the crypto and block chain space, they can purchase the NFT with a credit card here.

Tribal Alchemy productions is headed by Weaam Williams and Nafia Kocks. The pair both wear many hats in the industry. Weaam as a screenwriter, director, actor and producer. Nafia is a cinematographer, editor and graphic designer.  

South African producer, Kethiwe Ngcobo, from Fuzebox Entertainment, is a co-producer on this project. She has many years of experience as the Head of Drama at the South African national broadcaster, as well as three feature films under her belt.

Two Hues garnered five awards and twelve official selections during its festival run in 2021. This included Best Lead Actress and Best Women Empowerment Film from Berlin Short Film Festival.

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  • Two Hues feature film script is complete. 
  • Weaam is set to continue to play the lead for the feature.
  • the director for the project is to be confirmed.
  • Weaam pitched the feature for the first time at the Berlinale European Film Market on 11 February. 
  • The NFT launch is taking place simultaneously to allow for the public to get involved in this new frontier. 
  • The first round of NFT collections allows for holders to be added to the whitelist.
  • One NFT buys you access to the premiere of the feature film before it hits the festival circuit/ box office, a downloadable version of the short, and downloadable version of the trailer for the feature when available. 
  • Tribal Alchemy Productions will also launch a voting poll for NFT holders, to participate in the creative process.
  • The NFT costs ETH 0.025 which equates (R1221) as of 10 February 2022. 100 NFT’s will give you access to the script, as well as a producer credit.

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