Actress Khanya Mkangisa discusses playing Enzo in ‘Unmarried’ season 3. Image via Instagram @iloveKhanya

Actress Khanya Mkangisa discusses playing Enzo in ‘Unmarried’ season 3

‘The Queen’ actress and former ‘YoTV’ presenter Khanya Mkangisa chats about her role as Enzo in 1Magic’s ‘Unmarried’ season three.


Actress Khanya Mkangisa discusses playing Enzo in ‘Unmarried’ season 3. Image via Instagram @iloveKhanya

Former YoTV presenter and The Queen actress Khanya Mkangisa opens up about her leading role as Enzo in Ferguson Films’ Unmarried season three.   

The actress stars alongside Rhythm City actress Mapula Mafole and Isibaya actress Florence Mokgatsi.  

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The Queen actress Khanya Mkangisa who broke into the entertainment industry as a YoTV presenter at the age of 14 recently discussed her latest role in 1Magic’s drama series Unmarried season three as Enzo with True Love Magazine.  

Mkangisa who’s smoothly transitioned into acting has also starred in Zone 14, Doubt, among others.  

The 34-year-old tells the publication that her character Enzo is a social media darling and a queen who has found a way to capitalise on her following and her love for fashion, current affairs, and pop culture.  

“She has a big Instagram following and she makes money from doing what she loves. Much like myself, Enzo is very driven and has a lot of tenacity. She is a go-getter and very candid and outspoken. But more than anything, she is just a young girl who is driven and is determined to achieve whatever she sets her heart to.”  

The star also tells True Love that prepping for the role wasn’t challenging as she and her character are similar.   

“I was able to execute the character so well because I understand her. She means well and is also from a single-parent household just like I am. She sets out her goals and hasn’t lived the best life and has to work hard for her dream life.”   

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Mkangisa says she’s just wrapped up shooting a show for Netflix Kings of Queenstown which is centred around a football team that is from Queenstown.  

She plays the character of Phelisa in the upcoming Netflix series and the show is coming out this year.  

The seasoned actress and TV presenter is also going to be part of the 10th season of Tropika Island of Treasure as an all-star and is excited about it.   

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