‘You’: Tati Gabrielle aims to

Tati Gabrielle in ‘You’. Image via Instagram @tatigabrielle.

‘You’: Tati Gabrielle aims to redefine role of black women in horror

‘I want to be able to demonstrate the strength of black women in the most truth that I can,’ says Tati Gabrielle who plays Marienne in ‘You’.

‘You’: Tati Gabrielle aims to

Tati Gabrielle in ‘You’. Image via Instagram @tatigabrielle.

American actress Tatiana “Tati” Gabrielle aims to reshape the strength of black women in the roles she takes on…something she has already started to do with her character, Marienne, in You season three which released on Netflix on 15 October.


Serial killers Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) are back for the third season of Netflix’s psychological thriller You.

The couple are now married and have moved to the suburbs where they welcome their first child together — Henry Forty Quinn-Goldberg. 

While the pair attempt to make their marriage work with couple’s therapy Joe is back to his old habits. This is dangerous for any woman who becomes the new apple of Joe’s eye as Love is ready to kill… for love. 

Joe gets a job at the local library and eventually falls for his boss — Marienne Bellamy. Tati Gabrielle plays the role of Marienne, a librarian in a custody dispute with her ex-husband Ryan (Scott Michael Foster). Her character portrays the struggle of a black woman with the justice system. Marienne and Ryan were both addicts. 

However, Ryan recovered first and has since done everything in his power to make sure she does not get custody of their daughter, Juliette. In the series, although Marienne struggles with everything thrown at her, she always comes out on top. She wants to bring this kind of strength to all the characters she plays. 

 Does that mean she gets to live? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out. Recap season one and two here.

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Like most 25-year-olds, Tati knew Penn from his role in Gossip Girl. She admitted that she was nervous to shoot their sex scenes. 

“I loved working with Penn. He’s so compassionate, so giving, so generous. As an actor, he’s very communicative, which is something that I really appreciate,” said Tati to Huff Post.

“When it got to our sex scenes … I came on set that day like, ‘Penn, I’m gonna be so honest with you. I’m so nervous right now.’ He was like, ‘It’s gonna be OK. We’re going to talk through it,” she continued.


The actress says that she wants to reshape the strength of a black woman in horror films with the roles she plays. 

“I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t this sort of oblivious nature at all to Marienne that I didn’t feel comfortable in playing or just letting so many things go over Marienne’s head. When we speak to our family members or our friends, it’s like, ‘You know dang well, in that horror film, the Black person would have been so much more clued in than that,” said Tati.

While she may have had a head start in You, she plans on demonstrating the strength of black women in the most truth she can in the future.

“I want to be able to demonstrate the strength of black women in the most truth that I can. I want to be able to show Black women and Black people in a light that says that no, we can, we do, and we should celebrate,” she continued. 

“The legacy that I want to leave is showing us in a full fashion, not just what society or the world wants to view us as,” she added. 

However, she said that horror films were never her scope. Therefore, she thinks that both You and Sabrina were the universe playing a joke on her.

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