Bride Shame table

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Didn’t RSVP? This bride may put you at the ‘shame table’…

A bride-to-be has decided to seat guests at an undecorated ‘shame table’ AND let them pay for their own food if they don’t RSVP but still pitch up…

Bride Shame table

Image via Unsplash

There seem to be no limits for brides who want their special day to go smoothly – and this means that those involved in the affair be very careful not to get in the way of that. One bride-to-be, in particular, has left the net divided with her vengeful plan for guests who don’t RSVP for her wedding but still pitch.

Bride wants to have a ‘shame table’ for guests who don’t RSVP

A bride-to-be has seemingly found a way to get everyone to RSVP for her wedding day with a bizarre idea. Taking to a Facebook wedding group, she asked other users if it was “too mean” to put up a “shame table” for guests who didn’t RSVP.

She also writes how it would have a sign that explains that the people sitting at the table didn’t RSVP but still wanted to attend.

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To make matters worse, she also says that if there’s a food truck at the wedding they would pay for their own food and if they have plated meals, those who did not RSVP wouldn’t get anything.

“Is this too mean? I am thinking of putting a shame table lol. It won’t be decorated, might be one of the foldable tables with a name card that says ‘I didn’t RSVP but still wanted to come’ (or still wanted to celebrate to make it less mean).

“If we have a food truck they will need to buy their own food. If we have plate for each person (who RSVP) they won’t have food,” the original post reads.

Shame table post - wedding news
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The bride who backtracked…a little

After facing a considerable amount of backlash she edited the post to add that it wouldn’t be called a shame table per se and would still have a table cloth on it but it wouldn’t have any decor.

Of course, the post blew up as many wedding-goers and brides alike shared their thoughts on the idea. While some thought it was quite reasonable, others referred to her as a savage. We guess to each their own…

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