Love Island

Love Island viewers believed Will was wasting his time in his pursuit of Oliva Hawkins. Image via Instagram @loveisland

‘Love Island UK’: Farmer Will wins hearts after love triangle

‘Winter Love Island UK’ star Will Young has won viewers hearts after Tom Clare ‘stole’ Olivia Hawkins from him, in South Africa.

Love Island

Love Island viewers believed Will was wasting his time in his pursuit of Oliva Hawkins. Image via Instagram @loveisland

LWinter Love Island UK star Will Young grabbed viewers attention after he lost the bombshell he was attempting to court, Olivia Hawkins to Tom Clare on the episode that aired on Wednesday 18 January.

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Will Young took his recent set back in his stride after Tom Clare “stole” gorgeous city babe Olivia Hawkins from him on the episode aired on Tuesday 17 January. Tom saw an opportunity and approached Olivia on Wednesday’s episode which aired on 18 January. Affecting Will’s status quo with Olivia.

According to Daily Mail, Will took the situation in his stride and approached Tom to tell him that he believed he was a better match for Olivia.

“Honestly, you are well better suited. It just means that I’ve got to graft a little harder now!,” he said.

Love Island fans have fallen deeply in love with Will, who proved that he has not lost all faith in finding and fighting for his true love.

Viewers took to Twitter to declare that they were rooting for Will and pleaded with production to add a new nice girl in the villa for the likeable framer. Amid the love triangle, two new bombshells have reportedly entered the sprawling villa in Constantia, Cape Town. The ladies have not entered quietly and already ruffled some feathers in the house.

Love Insland
Love Island cast member Will Young captured viewers’ hearts. Image via Instagram @loveisland

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“I feel sorry for Will because all he wants of a girl that isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty and is up for manual work with animals but they don’t bring those sorts of people on the show,” wrote @Theresa21345391.

“These boys are setting Will up,” wrote @Cee_yaa shared.

“Farmer Will and Harris are a whole as* new breed. @LoveIsland,” wrote @rosiejones_14 said.

“I think Tom’s decision to choose Olivia was tactical. He didn’t want to risk sending anyone likeable home,” wrote @airsignangel88 said.

“Mrs watched Love Island last night and asked me out of the girls who I find most attractive. Why, oh, why did I fall into that trap?” wrote @jack71063791.

Do you think Will should continue in his status quo with Olivia? Why? Leave a comment below.

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