Kyle White video music video

Lights, camera, music! Kyle White on a roll with three Sama nominations

TV presenter, music video director, editor and colourist Kyle White shares the road to his fistful of SA Music Awards nominations.

Kyle White video music video

Eastern Cape-born music video producer Kyle White always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up: A television presenter.

Today though he is getting the glory for his role in music video production and editing.

White’s journey in the entertainment industry began in high school when he managed to get onto the presenting line-up of his community radio station, Bay FM.

Shortly after placing in the top five for the MTV Base VJ Search, Kyle left the Eastern Cape behind to pursue a career in front of the camera.

Kyle White music video producer director colourist
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From call centre to Samas: White’s career twists

White secured positions as a host on a handful TV shows, such as’s lifestyle magazine show 20Something.

Sadly, when his last show came to an end, he found himself in a “bit of a predicament”.

“I didn’t have another TV show to fall into and I was in a tricky spot financially,” he says.

“Ultimately, I had to leave the industry I loved so much and I picked up a position at a call centre.”

During that time White become interested in filmmaking. He spent months watching YouTube tutorials and saved up enough money to buy himself an “entry level DSLR”.

“This eventually led me to filming a couple of free music videos until I actually got good enough to charge for my work.”

Since then he has recovered financially and re-emerged in the media and entertainment field.

Moving from presenting to directing

Kyle White music video producer director colourist television presenter
Kyle White is as comfortable in front of the camera as behind it. Image: Supplied

Being a TV presenter taught White how to come across on camera and most importantly, how to be a team player.

“It laid the foundation to transition into the role as a director,” he says.

“Don’t compare yourself to others.”

Kyle White

Despite the fact that the industry is highly competitive, he urges those who plan this career to “not compare yourself to others”.

“Rather focus on yourself and analyse yourself and the areas you can improve on based on your own progress.”

He says Los Angeles-based music video director and all-rounder Matt Alonzo is his inspiration.

So, what does a music video producer do?

White outlines the process, which starts by meeting the artist and possibly the record label.

Moving forward, he then goes into the production phase. Once the client has approved everything, the director then sets off to book everything and everyone required for the actual shoot day.

“You move on to the editing and colour grading of the music video which is sent back and forth to the client until everyone is happy.”

Initially the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions brought White’s workload to a complete stop. Luckily as restrictions eased, he is slowly but surely beginning to get back into a better workflow again.

White pays it forward

When Kyle is not on set shooting, he does free YouTube tutorials in order to help others in his community grow.

“I have also employed and trained people over the years who didn’t have the opportunity to go to film school, like me.”

“I used to get quite star struck a couple years back until I quickly realised that these artists are just as normal as anyone else!”

Kyle White

He has had the opportunity to work with some of South Africa’s most talented artists.

“I used to get quite star struck a couple years back until I quickly realised that these artists are just as normal as anyone else!”

Music Video of the Year nominatons

Kyle White music video producer director colourist
Kyle White with Nasty C, left, and Tellaman. Image: Supplied

This year three of White’s music videos are up for the award Music Video of the Year.

However, he says: “Should one of those videos win, then the artist will collect the award”.

In the category Best Produced Music Video, he has other nominations and says: “Should one of those videos win, then I will collect the award”.

These are for SMA by Nasty C featuring Rowlene and Whipped, performed by Tellaman, Shekinah and Nasty C.