'Karen' Halloween outfit sparks backlash

‘Karen’ Halloween outfit sparks backlash
Image via spirithalloween.com

Can I speak to the manager? ‘Karen’ Halloween outfit sparks backlash [pic]

A Halloween outfit mocking the term of a “Karen” – a white woman who represents white privilege – has sparked controversy on social media…

'Karen' Halloween outfit sparks backlash

‘Karen’ Halloween outfit sparks backlash
Image via spirithalloween.com

It’s spooky season and time to look for the scariest Halloween costume you can find…

And for some, those are rooted in pop culture memes, like Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look or even a character from Netflix’s thriller hit series Squid Game.

But there’s one Halloween costume that is not getting the response it hoped for. A hairpiece called “Karen” – which mocks the term coined for demanding, entitled or even racist white women – has sparked backlash from the public.

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The blonde wig, sold by costume retailer Spirit is marketed at people who want to dress as a “Karen” this Halloween

A description of the item on the site read: “Everyone will know you’re looking to speak to the manager when you complete your Karen outfit with this hilarious Karen wig. This short and stylish cut is the perfect hairstyle to show everyone you ain’t the one to mess with.”

But tweeps are not finding it funny and have even accused the retailer of profiting off issues affecting real people.

“I don’t like how they’re profiting from the very real issue of racism,” posted on tweep.

Another irate user added: “Absolutely nothing funny about a whole species of people that put Black people in danger of losing their lives with a simple phone call. I hate it here”.

A third added: “White ppl appropriating white culture… the nerve.”

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Meanwhile Google has revealed the top picks for Halloween costumes in 2021 with a tool called Fright Geist, and they’re no surprise…

According to recent searches the top costume picks include Squid Game, Britney Spears and Venom, Spider-Man’s arch enemy.

Top couple costume picks include Trixie and Timmy Turner, Bonnie and Clyde, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Cosmo and Wanda.

And for the little ones, you can dress your baby up as Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan or a member of the Addams Family.

And if you’re a fur-mom, these costumes are predicted to be a hit: vampires, donkeys and lobsters!