The South African had an exclusive interview with Ama Qamata. Image: Supplied.

Exclusive: Q&A with ‘Blood & Water’ star Ama Qamata

The South African sat down with Ama Qamata, who plays the role of Puleng Khumalo on ‘Blood & Water’ for an exclusive interview.


The South African had an exclusive interview with Ama Qamata. Image: Supplied.

The South African sat down with Blood & Water star Ama Qamata for an exclusive interview on season three of the drama series.

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Actress Ama Qamata plays the role of Puleng Khumalo in Netflix’s Blood & Water. Puleng has been on a mission to find her kidnapped sister since season one of the series. In season two Fikile Bhele (played by Khosi Ngema) is confirmed to be Puleng’s kidnapped sister.

However, there is tons of drama looming at the Khumalo’s and Bhele’s home as well as Parkhurst High.

“Lines are crossed and questionable choices are made as our favourite sisters Puleng & Fikile uncover deeper secrets that leave them questioning everything they thought they knew. Tragedies will shake families, horrific uncoverings will leave you silent and heroic actions amongst our beloved teens may bring some clarity to the truth,” according to Netflix.

Blood & Water season three releases on the 25 November on Netflix. The series has an 80% scoring on Rotten Tomatoes.

Blood & Water
First look at ‘Blood and Water’ season three. Image: supplied.

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What can viewers expect from Puleng and Fikile season?

“People can expect to see the sisters really coming together. For the first time as sisters and the relationship has grown so much. We don’t fight this season. There’s none of that like fighting and drama thing, it’s genuine. It’s a lot of love and us just trying to help each other solve the big mystery of who Fikile’s dad is”.

Can fans expect more drama from Parkhurst High this season? 

“There’s a lot of drama that happens at Parkhurst. And what I like about this season is the balance between the drama about the sisters and the drama that is happening at school. Everything is so fast-paced this season. I know previously people felt like the story was taking too long to get to the point. Like (this season) we get straight to the point in episode one. Everything happens so quickly”.

 What can you tell us about Puleng’s love life this season? 

“This season Puleng really redeems herself in some way because obviously there is a huge thing between her and KB and Wade. But I think this season … she’s in a relationship with Wade and she really tries to make that work, she really gives it her all. We see Wade and Puleng as a proper couple this season which I think we didn’t really get to see in season two. KB is there, he will always be there, I guess, but there are definite answers as to who she chooses or who she ends up with; it’s all a mystery”.

Is Puleng’s family her priority? 

“Yeah I think Puleng’s family, her happiness. Puleng is a lot lighter this season. Her main objective coming into the school was to find her sister and once that is done she kinds of feels ‘okay I can live my life, I can do what I want to do now’. But she gets sucked back in to being an investigator. There’s a lot of time spent with family, mending relationships with her dad and put the family back together”. 

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