Danny Painter

No topic is too risque for Danny Painter’s new online book show. Image: Supplied

Danny Painter launches naughty online book show

The media personality and her friend Sonje Love delve into the sexier side of literature – erotic fan fiction.

Danny Painter

No topic is too risque for Danny Painter’s new online book show. Image: Supplied

The popular radio host has made headlines with the launch of new online offering The XOh Book Show. Painter is no stranger behind the mic or in front of the camera, having hosted commercial radio shows and TV programmes since the age of 13.

Galore SA recently presented her with its 2020 award for Best Radio Presenter and Painter has kicked off 2021 with a bang by showing, once again, that no topic is too taboo for her.

‘The XOh Book Show’ reviews erotic fan fiction

The XOh Book Show sees Painter, joined by Love, reviewing the erotic fan fiction genre.

Painter and Love have been friends for more than 22 years, having met in boarding school at Pro Arte Alphen Park. Love has a BA (Hons) in English Literature and so she provides the technical side to the book analyses by cover topics such as historic accuracy.

Painter describes her own role as follows:

“While I’m definitely learning, I’m mostly there for the hot humans and the naughty bits!”

She explains that you need to be completely comfortable with your co-host to cover such topics, without fear of judgment, and that was exactly what they did for each other.

How online book show got started

Painter and Love came up with the idea for The XOh Book Show in 2020, during one of their many online interactions. Love came up with the idea to review erotic fiction.

“It’s loosely based on a show she watched called Vaginal Fantasy, but with our own spin, a hot barman teaching us to mix drinks and some of our well-known friends reading sexy bits out loud,” Painter said.

With so much moving to a digital platform during the pandemic, the two saw it the perfect opportunity to move something as intimate as a book club into this space as well. They have a Goodreads page, their XOTV comments page and are on all the social media channels, which makes it easy for viewers and readers alike to interact.

Show functions like virtual book club

“I don’t see it being any different from a ‘real-life’ book club. There will still be drinks, laughs and sharing, just online.”

Painter’s experience as co-star on The Jo and Danny Show in 2020 makes her the ideal person for the job. After working so closely with the team at XOTV for the last year, it was only natural other Painter content would end up there.

“They are supportive, they are involved and they won’t censor us, ever! XOTV is a space for creators by humans who are creators,” Painter said.

Show’s aim is to remove stigma from ‘taboo’ topics

Their end goal is to remove the stigma associated with enjoying ’taboo’ things. Painter said she and Love both remembered reading Mills and Boons novels in secret and never ever telling anyone, which in 2021 she found to be quite ridiculous.

“So much in this world is unhappy and broken at the moment. We need to hold onto anything that brings us joy!”

Episodes will drop monthly on the XOTV channel platform. Watch the first two instalments of The XOh Book Show here and follow @thexohbookshow on Instagram.