Drunk groom

Image via Twitter @Ponagatso

Yikes! Drunk groom attends wedding ‘The Hangover’ style [watch]

Mzansi can’t deal with a clip of a groom so drunk at his wedding that he struggles to say ‘I do’. He must have had a pretty wild bachelor party…

Drunk groom

Image via Twitter @Ponagatso

It isn’t news that many people succumb to “cold feet” on the day of their wedding and may find themselves with heaps and heaps of nerves that they may not know how to deal with. Many people have however found comfort in a drink or two and an online groom has either comforted himself way too much before saying ‘I do’ or had one heck of a bachelor party the night before, a clip of him slurring his wedding vows proves it.

Eish! Drunk groom caught on camera

Many South Africans have had a fat laugh over a clip of a groom who is seemingly too drunk to say his wedding vows. In the hilarious and somewhat sad clip that was shared by a local Twitter user, @Ponagatso_ on the social media app earlier today (11 August), the man can be seen unable to stand by himself next to his bride.

In the background of the clip, the wedding officiator can be heard repeatedly asking the groom to say “I do” but his tongue seems too heavy to complete the task. Watch the disastrous video below:

Mzansi reacts to the clip

The clip has received several hilarious responses from South Africans who could not help but think this groom and his friends took the hilarious comedy movie The Hangover way too seriously. A lot of them said that the man probably had one hell of a bachelor party and unfortunately didn’t recover fast enough to appear presentable at the alter:

@AngeMalapane said:

“They threw one great bachelor party. Now they’re supporting him on his big day.”

@baxxidO said:
“If I don’t get whatever bachelor’s party he got I ain’t going to the alter.”

This clip hilarious reminded us of another hilarious clip that was shared by Unilad on Facebook. In the clip, a wasted groom can be seen getting fed by his mother because he was too drunk to feed himself. The clip also received many comments from people who couldn’t believe that people would purposely get drunk and embarrass themselves at their weddings.

Speaking of ‘The Hangover’…

The hilarious comedy film The Hangover was epic on many levels. Watching friends Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helms) and their buddy Doug (Justin Bartha) and his odd brother-in-law Alan (Zach Galifianakis) find themselves in troublesome situations because of a series of bad decisions, just never gets old.

The gang first hit our screens in 2009 with the first installment of The Hangover, which sees them take an unforgettable trip to Las Vegas for Alan’s bachelor party celebrations. Soon one of them goes missing and it’s up to the rest to solve the mystery.

A decade and 2 more Hangover movies later, many people wonder if director Todd Phillips and producer Daniel Goldberg will be blessing the world with a fourth installment. Fingers are certainly crossed that John Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers of the original movie, will make it happen.

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