‘#DearNale’: #BBMzansi pens heartfelt messages to evicted housemate. Image via Twitter @Papirazz

‘Dear Nale’: #BBMzansi fans pen heartfelt messages to evicted housemate

#BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) viewers have shown appreciation to evicted housemate – Nale using #DearNale on Twitter.


‘#DearNale’: #BBMzansi pens heartfelt messages to evicted housemate. Image via Twitter @Papirazz

Nale’s fans have taken to social media to pen heartfelt messages to the evicted #BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) housemate using hashtag #DearNale.   

The 24-year-old Pretorian model got evicted from the reality TV show last night (13 March) together with Thobeka Mtshali aka Venus.  

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#BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) viewers are appreciating evicted housemate – Nale on Twitter by using the hashtag #DearNale.   


“#DearNale The first day I saw you walking down that stage, I was like that’s my fave.”

“I chose you and I never looked back. Thank you for showing and teaching me that you can be yourself regardless of what everyone says or does.”

“Never change for anyone.”


“Their Smile and prettiest face especially Nale she always encourage others to have fun and stop thinking too much.”

“I like her energy and Venus too, the house is too boring when is the final please. #DearNale.” 


“#DearNale that was iconic AF, also teach me how to remain calm in a confrontation ’cause girl that’s a skill I need.”  


“And you standing up for yourself highlight of this season!! #DearNale.” 


“#DearNale the journey begins now, keep walking.”

“Alphas have your back sweetness #NalediMogadime.”  


“#DearNale #NalediMogadime #OurAlphaWoman Thank u so much dear for gracing our screens, such a beautiful soul, loving, humble, always wearing a beautiful smile yet feisty.”

“Go forth my love the world is your oyster, we are behind you all the way and know that you are loved.”  

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The model and actress Naledi Mogadime aka Nale was the tenth contestant with 25-year-old Thobeka Mtshali aka Venus to be evicted this week after Nthabii, Yoli, Vyno Miller, Norman, Zino, B.U, Acacia, Mvelo, and Dinky Bliss who got evicted in previous weeks.  

Nale describes herself as a “fine gyal, not a sad gyal” according to She also stated in her interview that she’s a firecracker, but also calm and zen.    

Her strength is being able to understand and analyse people and added that she loves to laugh, but it takes her a while to open up.     

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