Eskort Russian eating ad

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Lol! Eskort pokes fun at Mzansi’s big ‘Russian eating’ problem [watch]

Processed food company Eskort has left many laughing out loud with an ad about the ‘Russian eating’ confusion that left SA howling from laughter last week.

Eskort Russian eating ad

Image via Unsplash

A week ago many Russian people reportedly got their knickers in a twist after a Russian blogger shared his reaction to a clip of South Africans professing their love for eating sausages which are coincidentally called Russians. The clip went viral resulting in angry Russians and highly amused South Africans. And now processed meat company Eskort has taken advantage of the madness

Russian lovers cause havoc and Eskort takes advantage

Last week many South Africans were left falling from their seats from laughter after a clip of a Russian blogger went viral. In the YouTube video, the blogger is visibly outraged after watching a clip of a South African focus group speaking about eating “Russians.” In the discussion, several people repeatedly profess their love for the crispy sausages and this is where the confusion started.

Soon the angry blogger was all worked up about people openly speaking about “eating other people,” and trying to get world leaders to intervene. This caused a number of South Africans to start making jokes about the misunderstanding.

Fast-forward to today and Eskort, a processed meat company and delicious Russian producer has decided to make a joke about the big confusion in the form of a hilarious advert.

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Group marketing manager Marcelle Pienaar opened up about how the marketing team wanted to make South Africans laugh by zooming in on the misunderstanding that resulted in a lot of laughter.

“Capturing this fictitious, widely shared misunderstanding was used to tickle South Africa’s funny bone by holding the mirror up for us to see what we often accept as common language or ideas, for what they really are, uniquely local,” said Pienaar in an IOL article.

The team’s final product features a group of locals enjoying some Russians in a diner when a news segment pops up about the outrage causes by “South African people eating Russians.” The ad will reportedly air Wednesday, August 11, on between 7pm and 7.30 pm and on SABC1 between 8 pm and 8.30 pm.

Meanwhile, South Africans share their thoughts

Of course, after spotting snippets of the advert, South Africans shared how clever the company was for deciding to both cash in and make people laugh. Read some of their comments below:

@LesediKhoza_ said:

“This was really hilarious 😂😂🤣 congratulations @EskortFood you really got us. #ILoveEatingRussians.”

@MicahDaMusic said:

“Damn the same way #ILoveEatingRussians tag got people 😂”

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