Kanye's latest Donda listening party was WILD

Images via Twitter: @PlayoffShai/@luhmario2x

Fan fury as Kanye swaps Jay Z with DaBaby at ‘Donda’ event [watch]

Kanye West hosted yet another ‘Donda’ listening session and it was crazier than ever. He set himself alight, replaced Jay Z with DaBaby and had Kim K walk out on ‘stage’ in a wedding gown! Take a look…

Kanye's latest Donda listening party was WILD

Images via Twitter: @PlayoffShai/@luhmario2x

On Thursday evening, Kanye West hosted another Donda listening event in Chicago. The event which started later than planned – in true Kanye style – had some major changes that fans weren’t expecting. And judging by Twitter reactions to the event, they weren’t happy about it either.

Kanye’s latest Donda listening session kicks off

Thursday 26 August was a much anticipated day for many Kanye West fans who waited patiently to partake in another one of the rapper’s famous Donda listening sessions.

The event which took place at Chicago’s Soldier Field was supposed to start at 21:00, but reportedly only took off at about 23:00.

After waiting for the action, fans were delighted when Kanye started off with a fan favourite Jail which featured Ye‘s friend turned enemy turned friend again, Jay Z. Their delight quickly turned to dismay when instead of hearing Jay Z do his verse on the song, DaBaby was doing it.

Seeing DaBaby on stage comes as more of a shock because he was involved in a lot of backlash earlier this month for slurring homophobic comments on stage. A lot of people called on the rapper to be cancelled and sure enough, he lost a few endorsement deals while many celebrities criticised him.

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The shock didn’t end there for the packed crowd who then also witnessed Marilyn Manson, who in recent times was sued by a number of women for sexual assault, called on stage to join Kanye and DaBaby.

Just when fans thought they’ve seen it all, Kanye also set himself alight and walked around the stage like the literal human torch!

Kim K is also in the crazy mix

Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s alleged estranged wife, was also at the listening session. This one wasn’t much of a shocker since she has attended all of Kanye’s listening sessions thus far. This time her ample fans were left scratching their heads since she showed up in her wedding dress.

The reality TV star showed up in the stunning Balenciaga Couture dress during the song No Child Left Behind and naturally left many people thinking that the two of them were thinking of rekindling their romance. TMZ, however, reports that the two have not gotten back together and Kim was just “supporting” Kanye as she always does.

Meanwhile, the fans react:

Twitter users and Kanye West fans were not very happy to see DaBaby replacing Jay Z and made this clear in a number of tweets on the social media app. Read some of their comments about it below:

vladmarchak said:

“We got Marilyn Manson listening to gospel, Kanye put the GD anthem after a track with Durk, then set himself on fire & lastly, remarried Kim. Bruh WHAT #DONDA #kanye”

@dondasplace said:

“Okay but what happened to Cudi and Jay Z? #DONDA”

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