Blood & Water season three

Ama Qamata (left) as Puleng and Dillon Windvogel (right) as Wade are back for season two of ‘Blood & Water’ which premieres on 24 September on Netflix. Image: Supplied/Netflix

Season 2 loading: Let’s recap the mystery and drama of ‘Blood & Water’

‘Do you want to know the truth?’ Season two of ‘Blood & Water’ is finally here this week! Get up to speed with what happened last season before the search for answers intensifies in the popular Netflix teen series…

Blood & Water season three

Ama Qamata (left) as Puleng and Dillon Windvogel (right) as Wade are back for season two of ‘Blood & Water’ which premieres on 24 September on Netflix. Image: Supplied/Netflix

The troubled teens of Parkhurst High are back! Season two of the African Netflix original series Blood & Water is set to premiere on Friday 24 September to the delight of fans of the award-winning teen mystery-drama series.

The six-episode first season — set in Cape Town — was released on Netflix on 20 May 2020. The series won Best TV Drama at the 2021 South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas), as well as awards for cinematography and sound design.

Here is a recap of Blood & Water season one to get you up to date with all your favourite pupils at Parkhurst High.

‘Blood & Water’ plot synopsis

The series revolves around Puleng (Ama Qamata), a high school girl whose sister Phumelele was kidnapped as part of a human trafficking network shortly after birth.

After crossing paths at a party, she goes on a mission to find out whether Parkhurst High swimming star Fikile “Fiks” Bhele (Khosi Ngema) is in fact her missing sister.

While solving the puzzle, Puleng discovers that the mystery of her missing sister is not the only secret that her friends and family keep…

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The start of the ‘Fiksation’

Viewers meet Meadowridge High School pupil Puleng while the Khumalos are celebrating what would’ve been Phumele’s 17th birthday.

Puleng jumps at the opportunity to leave when her best friend, Zama (Cindy Mahlangu), asks her to go with her to a party.

At the party, we meet the popular kids of Parkhurst High: Chris (Arno Greef), KB (Thabang Molaba), Reece (Greteli Fincham) and Fikile.

Puleng also meets Wade Daniels (Dillon Windvogel), the school photographer and the son of the prestigious private school’s principal. When Wade points out her uncanny resemblance to Fikile, she is intrigued, especially because Fikile shares the same birthday as her missing sister. 

Puleng Khumalo and Wade Daniels at the party. Image Supplied/Netflix

The next day, Puleng finds out that her father has been named a prime suspect in the disappearance of her sister. After getting suspended from Meadowridge High because of a physical fight, Puleng convinces her mother to send her to Parkhurst High with her using her mother’s maiden name as surname. 

One could say that this is where Puleng’s “Fiksation” began… 

Secrecy and strategy

Puleng’s first day at Parkhurst High. Image Supplied/Netflix

Wendy (Natasha Tahane) shows Puleng around Parkhurst High and suggests she joins the Magazine Society at the school. Puleng jumps at the opportunity she finds out that the Magazine Society will be interviewing Fikile about her campaign to become the school’s head girl.

KB becomes romantically interested in Puleng and the two hit it off. Wendy can’t believe that Puleng has started hanging out with the popular kids at the school and decides to change Puleng’s article into “Why Fikile doesn’t deserve to be Head Girl”.

Following the article, Puleng tries to clear her name but no-one except KB believes her.

Blood & Water Netflix
Puleng and Fikile Bhele at a party. Image: Supplied/Netflix

Puleng and Wade ‘on the case’

Puleng’s mission to find out if Fikile is her sister intensifies. She sneaks into Parkhurst High’s admin room to try and find Fikile’s birth certificate and almost gets caught in the act. Wade offers to help her in her quest, finding out that the name B. Jaxa appears on the certificate. 

Wendy Dlamini talking to Puleng. Image Supplied/Netflix

At another party, Fikile drinks too much and Chris tells her that Puleng is not who they all thought she was…

We also learn that Fikile is having an inappropriate relationship with her swimming coach, Chad (Ryle de Morny), whose wife is expecting their first child.

The plot thickens

Chris and Fikile release a video to the entire school that details Puleng’s family drama and her father’s trial and Wendy gets the blame. 

KB watches as Fikile confronts Puleng. Image Supplied/Netflix

An inquisitive Puleng figures out who sent the video and ends up fighting with Fikile. To take revenge, Puleng tells Wendy that Fikile is hooking up with Coach Chad and Wendy reports this to the principal. 

The principal confronts Coach Chad who denies everything and breaks it off with Fikile who is left heartbroken.

Parkhurst High principal Mrs Daniels confronts Coach Chad. Image Supplied/Netflix

Wade — who has started to develop feelings for Puleng — finds out that KB’s father worked at the adoption agency involved in a human trafficking scandal.

‘Blood & Water’ season finale

The season finale is full of twists and turns…

Puleng and KB at an intimate dinner with KB’s family friends. Image Supplied/Netflix
  • KB and Puleng connect on a much deeper level than before and they strengthen their relationship.
  • Puleng’s laptop is stolen and she notices a suspicious-looking car parked outside her house.
  • Wade and Puleng figure out that Fikile’s mother could not have a baby, making Fikile an adopted child. 
  • Fikile is not coping with the fact that her life is falling apart and confronts Puleng. A book drops from Puleng’s school bag that has photos of Fikile that leaves them both shocked.
  • The episode closes with Puleng telling Fikile that she thinks they might be sisters.
Fikile is in shock after finding the book that was in Puleng’s bag. Image Supplied/Netflix