'Entangled' actor Sisanda Henna.

‘Entangled’ actor Sisanda Henna. Image via Twitter @SundayWorld

Actor Sisanda Henna replaces Vuyo Ngcukana in ‘Entangled’

Talented actor and director Sisanda Henna has replaced popular actor Vuyo Ngcukana for the character of Sizwe in ‘Entangled’.

'Entangled' actor Sisanda Henna.

‘Entangled’ actor Sisanda Henna. Image via Twitter @SundayWorld

Actor Sisanda Henna will star alongside beauty queen and actress Phuti Khomo in 1Magic’s romantic comedy Entangled season two as Sizwe.   

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Sunday World reports that actor and director Sisanda Henna has secured a role on 1Magic’s drama series Entangled to play the role of Sizwe.

Henna will replace The Queen actor Vuyo Ngcukana, who currently stars in 1802: Love Defies Time as Zuko.

The publication adds that the second season of Entangled will focus the complicated journey of Sharon (played by actress Phuti Khomo) and Sizwe.

Henna is popularly known for his roles in MNet series Inconceivable, HustleTrackers, and many more.

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The Citizen reports that the second season of 1Magic drama series, Entangled, will premiere on 2 November with new faces.

The publication adds that Entangled is about more than love in danger through the characters and storylines.

“Amidst the chaos of their individual lives, they sense an undeniable spark that persistently binds them together, regardless of their commitments to other partners. Each episode lays out the pain and sweetness of finding and holding onto love, interspersed with sharp and witty humour.”

According to 1Magic, Sharon (played by Phuti Kgomo) thinks she has successfully put Sizwe in her past. Until life’s unexpected, comical, and heartbreaking turns draw her back towards him.

Their story, along with the experiences of their friends, reflects a vibrant, sincere, and playful exploration of love against the charming backdrop of Mzansi.

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