Fractal Noise Christopher Paolini

The new novel ‘Fractal Noise’ by bestselling author Christopher Paolini. Image: Supplied.

‘Fractal Noise’ by Christopher Paolini: a thrilling space adventure

Bestselling author Christopher Paolini’s latest novel, ‘Fractal Noise’ invites readers on an unforgettable adventure through space and time.

Fractal Noise Christopher Paolini

The new novel ‘Fractal Noise’ by bestselling author Christopher Paolini. Image: Supplied.

From the international bestselling author of Eragon, Christopher Paolini, comes another stellar novel, Fractal Noise. Most readers know Paolini for his fantasy novels, but in Fractal Noise, Paolini takes a break from worlds filled with dragons and ventures into the future with science fiction.

Fractal Noise is set in the year 2234 and tells the story of a version of the future where humans live on spaceships and far-away planets. Do not be put off by the seemingly heavy science fiction label of this novel. It is surprisingly easy to read and the story is jam-packed with tension and mystery.

Even if you have never read any of this genre before, Fractal Noise will be the perfect way to test the waters of the wonderful world of science fiction.


Fractal Noise is a companion novel to Paolini’s bestselling novel To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, but you do not have to read one novel to understand the other. Even though Fractal Noise is a prequel to To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, both novels can be enjoyed on their own.

What Paolini truly excels at in his writing is building tension. Often in science fiction, readers are so busy trying to keep up with the plot, all the characters and the world building that any and all tension just goes out the window. But Paolini slowly creates atmosphere and tension through his suspenseful writing. Even with complex history and politics being woven into the storyline, Paolini makes it easy for readers to keep up with the fast-paced plot.

If you are a die-hard sci-fi fan, you will adore this novel and if you are just starting out in this genre, consider Fractal Noise the perfect place to start.

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July 25th, 2234: The crew of the Adamura discovers the Anomaly.

On the seemingly uninhabited planet Talos VII a circular pit has been discovered, 50 kilometers wide. Its curve is not of nature.

Now, a small team must land and journey on foot across the surface to learn who built the hole and why. But they all carry the burdens of lives carved out on disparate colonies in the cruel cold of space. For some, the mission is the dream of the lifetime while for others, it is a risk not worth taking. But for one person, it is a desperate attempt to find meaning in an uncaring and dark universe.

Each step they take toward the mysterious abyss is more punishing than the last and the ghosts of their past follow.


Christopher Paolini was born in 1986 in Los Angeles, California. After he graduated from high school, he began working on Eragon, his debut novel, at the young age of 15.

The first Christopher Paolini book was published in 2002 by Christopher’s parent’s publishing house, Paolini International LLC. From here, Paolini’s career took off.

The Inheritance Cycle, including his novel Eragon has sold over 35 million copies. The last book in the series has been translated into numerous languages and has been published in over 50 countries. All of Christopher Paolini’s books have been bestsellers on the charts of The New York TimesUSA Today, and Publishers Weekly.

Fractal Noise is published by Tom Doherty Publishing and is available for purchase from Exclusive Books stores for R350.