The steps to take if your busi

The steps to take if your business is a victim of cybercrime

(Partner Content) No business ever wants to be the victim of cybercrime. That’s obvious. Yet, with more digital threats existing than ever before, it’s not uncommon for a business to have its security defenses breached.

The steps to take if your busi

State of cybercrime

According to statistics from the United States, nearly 50% of small businesses have suffered from a cyberattack. Not only that, but it is also said that 70% of small companies are not prepared to deal with an attack of this kind.

Due to this, you shouldn’t feel too downbeat if your business has fallen prey to cybercrime. However, it’s imperative you react swiftly – and intelligently – when it happens. This quick guide will help in that regard. Here are the steps to take after a cyberattack.  

Damage limitation 

First of all, once you have realized your business has been the victim of a cyberattack, it’s essential you react as fast as possible to limit the damage caused. 

See what needs to be done – if anything – to contain the attack and prevent it from either spreading or happening again. Everything from rerouting to network isolation can deny the hacker gaining further access to your data. Restoring an older backup of your data could also ensure your business remains in operation without too much downtime.


Once the situation is under some degree of control, the next step is to further investigate the cyberattack. Understandably, you have to know the nature of the attack to properly deal with the damage and aftermath. You also need to find out why it happened, who was involved, and the data/money that has been lost. 

A full record should be kept of the cyberattack. This includes information such as the damage suffered and the responsive measures taken. 

Receive assistance

Generally, a cybercrime isn’t just time- and resource-intensive – it’s also a highly complex matter. If you don’t have the necessary IT expertise in-house, you will have to reach out for assistance from an agency that specializes in cyberattacks. 

This isn’t something to deal with on your own. Not only do you want to get the issue resolved as soon as possible, but you also want to ensure it is dealt with completely. The last thing you want to do is leave an exploit open for a hacker to use again in the future. 

Planning for the future

You now have first-hand experience of just how damaging a cyberattack can be on your business – and it’s something you never want to happen again. To stop another attack from infiltrating your organization, there are various additional preventative measures you can incorporate. 

The first is to evaluate your current cyber protection measures. Why was your IT network exploited? Was it up-to-date? Did it provide the robust, sufficient coverage required to deal with all threats? If an answer to any of these questions is negative, it’s time to search for a better security system. 

Another important point is to educate your staff. A lot of cyberattacks are successful due to human error, so frequently training your employees – and ensuring they are vigilant to potential cybercrime – is necessary.