2024 airline ticket increase

2024 airline ticket increase. DA says recent increases have been unconstitutional. Picture: File/Fotor.

BAD news: Big 2024 airline ticket INCREASE in the offing

Introduction of a higher aviation fuel levy is the culprit that’ll likely see a big 2024 airline ticket increase.

2024 airline ticket increase

2024 airline ticket increase. DA says recent increases have been unconstitutional. Picture: File/Fotor.

A marked 2024 airline ticket increase is on the cards if the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) gets its way with a newly gazetted proposal to government.

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It’s not uncommon to see the price of plane tickets rise this time of year, or around any major holidays in fact. However, this potential 2024 airline ticket increase would be the first of three proposed hikes to the aviation fuel levy, reports Business Tech.


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Gazetted last week, Monday 27 November 2023, the SACAA proposes an amendment to the fuel levy determination schedule. It hopes, commencing Monday 1 April 2024, for a fuel levy increase along the consumer price index (CPl). If it gets the go-ahead, this will be the first of three.

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In all likelihood, this will bring about a 2024 airline ticket increase for cash-strapped passengers. A fuel price increase will lead to increased business costs for airlines and all related industries. Here’s the proposed fuel levy tariff increase based on the current forecasted CPI rate:

YearCPICents per litre
2023/24 4.8%21.83
2024/254.7% 22.88
2025/26 4.6% 22.88

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Worryingly, the aviation fuel levy increased by 8.5% back in May 2023 after approval from the Minister of Transport and Finance. Justification for the increase was given within the context of the airline industry slowly returning to normal operation.


2024 airline ticket increase
Airline resumes flights to SA after 4 year absence. Image: Pixabay

“Flights in the general aviation and charter business have been impacted severely and are only expected to return to normal levels over the next two financial years. Fuel volumes are expected to remain static, while the fuel levy rate has been budgeted to increase in line with CPI,” said the SACAA.

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) is up in arms over the 2024 airline ticket increase. “This will indisputably inflate the base costs for those already grappling with daunting economic challenges. The aftermath is clear and unavoidable. The expense will be shouldered by the passengers,” the DA said.


2024 airline ticket increase
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But there’s more, as earlier in the year the Department of Transport also gazette several increases to airport tariffs, facility costs, VAT and passenger service fees. The intent is clear for a 2024 airline ticket increase to become a reality.

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