wine quiz

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Think you know SA wines? Try our WINE QUIZ and win a case of the finest

Are you a serious wine lover? Make your case in The South African’s Wine Quiz and win a case of two great wines: The Withington Malbec and Roan Ranger.

wine quiz

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The South African has compiled a quiz to flush out the country’s wine enthusiasts and give one lucky participant the opportunity to win a case of two fantastic South African wines.

Who better than The South African’s very own in-house wine connoisseur to compile our Wine Quiz against which to test your knowledge of the South African wine industry?

Charles Withington is considered a veteran in the South African wine industry. After many years at the well-known Rustenberg Estate, he moved on to become general manager at Backsberg. He has had a wide range of experience from working with producers, ranging from the absolutely top-end wines to those much larger organisations that specialise in supermarket supply.

Complete The South African Wine Quiz and win a case of wine from the Withington Wines stable:

Any reader who scores full marks for The South African Wine Quiz, will walk away with their very own case of red wine consisting of a delectable mix of Withington Malbec 2019 and the Roan Ranger 2018.

The closing date for the Wine Quiz competition, is 3 May 2021.

Withington Malbec 2019:

  • It is the Argentinians who have mastered Malbec, and deservedly so. In South Africa Malbec accounts for less than 0.05% of total vineyard plantings. Withington Malbec really is fabulously different. Taste the lovely red-berry flavours and sense the voluptuous elegance of this wine, and you will understand.

Roan Ranger 2018:

  • The Withington Roan Ranger, is a blended wine created by Charles Withingon. With a play on the word “Rhône”, the name points towards the style of wine – a blend of  Grenache (65%),  Cinsaut and Mourvèdre. This is a beautifully soft red wine, made from grapes grown in the Darling region. 

Watch as Charles Withington ‘unpacks’ the Withington Malbec and the Roan Ranger: